Sunday, August 14, 2016

Taiwan Trip, May 2015 - Hua Lien - Hotel Bayview in Seven Stars Bay

I dedicate a blog post to Hotel Bayview because this is, hands down, my favorite hotel for this trip.

This is the probably the first time I get interested in decorations (since I'm in the midst of renovating my new home then) and when I start to appreciate interior decorations more.

Deluxe Double Room with Balcony -link
I simply adore the Mediterranean deco and the night melody of the waves since the hotel room faces the pacific ocean. I would love to spend a few more nights there for my next trip.

Mediterranean Style Furnishing
Deco inspiration for craft-stone / brick walls.

There's a small soak tub which I think will be great idea for small homes while in actual fact, I really love the tap on the sink which I forget to take a picture of.

Tap (Photo credit: PinInterest)

The design based on my memory, but more metal than glass. In my opinion it really enhance the Mediterranean deco feel!

There is a small balcony that faces the Pacific Ocean. It's all pitch dark though because we checked in late.

Night View
Which is just really dark.

Lift Lobby
Even the deco in the lift lobby is nice!

Hotel Lobby 

Right Outside The Hotel
After we checked in, we took a short walk around the hotel, grabbed food from the nearby Family Mart for supper and hang around the 24 hour mini lounge.

Lounging Around
We decide to hang around in the 24 hour snack bar in the hotel, where there's some coffee, tea and biscuits for hotel guests.

Family Mart Supper
Because we are all for convenient store supper and they taste way better than those we had in Singapore. My sis in law always love the western style pastas, my mum loves the tea leaf eggs and for me - cold noodles anytime!


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