Thursday, June 30, 2016

Taiwan Trip, May 2015 - Hua Lien - Rainbow Night Market and Zi Qiang Night Market

From Taroko Gorge, we drove down to Hualien city. After a day in the mountains, we are hungry and looking for good food!

Dai Ji Bian Shi -link
First stop is this decades old Bian Shi restaurant. Bian Shi is like the Singapore version of wantan. It looks ordinary but taste really good!

Desserts Next at Yi Xin Pao Pao Bing! 
Mango shaved ice and herbal grass jelly.

Hua Lian Zhou Jia Xiao Long Bao -link
Our driver stop by this popular 40 year old steam bun store in Hualien while I queue up to get buns for the family. It taste quite nice even though we are full to the brim. Haha!

Rainbow Night Market (彩虹夜市)
After reading up on some blogs on how vibrant this night market is before our trip, we went there and feels quite underwhelmed. We probably cover them in 30 mins max and decided to go to another night market nearby as recommended by our tour guide.

ZiQiang Night Market
I'm kind of late in blogging, and it looks like ZiQiang Night market is no longer in operation as of November 2015 and replaced by the East Gate Night Market (DongDaMen which in mandarin sound like Dongdaemun). That'll be on my next trip!

The Stores Then
There are many "seafood bars" there. Think fresh seafood, lots of music and Taiwan beer!

Who need a Steak Restaurant?
Stalls selling steak in hotplates is a norm in the night markets across Taiwan.

Hi Teddies
How I wish to have desserts with these cute bears.

Popiah is hot here~
To our surprise, one of the night market stalls with the longest queue sells our local favorite popiah! It's not called Popiah though.

So do the fruit juice store!
The queues are unbelievably long. I hope it's as speechlessly amazing as the shop name. Haha!

More Stalls
Coz night markets are all about food!

Cheesy Baked Potatoes
That my nephew simply adores!

Nothing is Impossible
If you have your dad helping you to pose. Haha!

Fresh Seafood
Since Hualien is right by the sea, there are many seafood bars selling fresh seafood! Think english 90s pop, fresh seafood, beer and lots of fairy lights.

Live Sea Urchin
Uni anyone?

And we head back to our hotel for the night!