Sunday, January 10, 2016

Home Diary - Bath & Bodyworks Wallflower Review

Since I started writing about my home diary - I shouldn't just stop at one - and so here's next! 

One product that I always want to try from Bath & Body Works before they reach our sunny shores is their wallflower but I didn't really try because of the different power plug configuration. So a couple of months ago, I happen to have a couple of free hours in Marina Bay Sands before dinner and drop in to the B&BW and the rest is history. 

Overall Thoughts:
Initially, i expect the wallflower fragrance refill bulb to last less than a month since the bulb looks small but the product had really exceeded my expectations. I tend to switch them on in the evenings, throughout the night and on weekends and I still hadn't run out of them after 4 months. 

Wallflower Fragrant Plug: White Wedgewood Gate. The Singapore B&BW stores sells wall plug compatible with our local power points. 

Wallflowers Scent Reviews
Scents are always highly subjective - one man's nirvana may be a headache-inducing stench for another. These are the current wallflowers that I've tried, and my personal thoughts. 

# Island Waters
- This is my first bulb for my room and my favourite scent so far. It smells like sand and seabreeze and it makes me feel like I am sleeping in a beach facing resort whenever I use this. 
The scent is good throw is good - even without air conditioning, and it can scent up my room pretty fast. 

# Lavender & Vanilla (Noted: This is not Lavender Vanilla under the "Sleep" Aromatherapy range)
- I had imagined that this scent is a marriage of lavender and vanilla but in my opinion it smells like a separation of the 2 scent. It requires a good shake every time to mix the scent or most likely I will only be smelling the vanilla scent - which is pretty nice but makes me hungry at night. The scent throw is pretty good as well, but perhaps slightly weaker than Island Waters.

# Beach Cabana
I had hoped that this is a nice summer beach scent but I think smells like lemon cocktail with a bitter after feel. The scent throw is much weaker. I am using it in my living room in a bid to use them up faster and Egg feels that it smells more like Charles & Keith boutique store. Hm..

# Dark Kiss Noir
The tester in store smells like a fruity perfume, so I can't wait to try it. 

My personal tip is not to throw away the cover of the bulbs because then you will have the option to switch scents and keep the bulb for next time use.

Nevertheless, I'm in love with this product and had already placed orders online for my next few wallflower fragrance! Please share if you have other nice room fragrance to recommend!


Thursday, January 7, 2016

Home Diary - My Nespresso Pixie Red Machine

Several months after I've move in, I am so happy to have my lovelies over to my place finally chat and pizza. Everyone had been busy and I'm beyond blessed and happy that we can all gather at my place. 

I felt extremely pamper by Nespresso machine gifted by the lovelies to indulge my caffeine addiction. Thanks dears! 

Nespresso Pixie Red

Getting a Nespresso machine was on my personal Xmas shopping list but not something that I've researched much on (unless trying out the espresso beverages at their boutiques counts). For me, the real research starts after I got the Pixie.

Pixie Red

Nespresso has 6 range of espresso machines in Singapore - namely Inisia, U, Pixie Clips, Pixie, Lattissima and Maestria (supposedly from lower to higher end). The Lattissima is a one click latte machine while Maestria is a step higher and comes integrated with a cup warmer and milk frother! The Inisia, U, Pixie and Pixie clips looks very similar but I guessed the lovelies did the research online and choose Pixie because according to the friendly world wide web:
- Pixie is only machine that is made in Switzerland.
- Pixie is made of metal and looks more sturdy (Inisia is made of plastic)
- Pixie Grand Cru's slot supposedly supports 3rd party capsule better (more choices).
- Pixie has the highest pressure for its size, which gives a nice foamy coffee brew. 

What I liked about my Pixie Red
- The sleek machine is small powerhouse that gives fragrant and nice foamy coffee brew and doesn't take out much place on my tabletop.
- Easy to operate and maintain. Put in your choice of coffee and one click - no more messy coffee beans, coffee powder.
- Fast heat up time - I love getting my coffee in less than a minute.
- Nespresso App with same day delivery for orders before 12pm - I do not need to make a trip down to town for refills. 
- Varieties! The Grand Cru (otherwise known as pods / capsules), there are 23 variations and seasonal limited editions every few months. Having said that - Nespresso only have coffee grand crus - no milk, cocoa, tea etc. It is a machine for coffee fans!

My Fave Grand Cru
I received a starter pack with my machine and shortlisted a few favorites. The rest of the variations are good to switch around too - perhaps except for Cosi because I think fruit and coffee does not match. =/

#Arpeggio - This is my favorite coffee! Smooth, creamy and strong to start the day! Appreggio Decaffinato is just as good. 

#Decaffeinato Intenso - This is a surprise find. I usually like my coffee strong intense but this decaffeinated espresso taste full and creamy while being caffeine free. It's my favorite weekend drink to trick start my day. 

#Livanto - This is a nice lighter coffee with caramel roast that is great when I wanted lighter coffee in the afternoon. This variation is also commonly used in seasonal blends so for this reason I will just stock up the seasonal blends most of the time.

#The seasonal limited edition grand crus are unique and interesting. In October last year where I just got my machine there are Tribute to Milano (chocolate & pepper!) and there's now the festive flavored Grand crus of Vanilla Amaretti, Vanilla Cardamon and Ciocco Ginger. I'm totally digging Vanilla Cardamon right now. Cardamon spice up the drink and it simply feels just like Xmas in a cup! 

And because I am love coffee varieties - I've purchased the Starbucks Hazelnut syrup from Starbucks Japan and my had my all time favorite Starbucks Toffee Nut syrup shipped in from Starbucks US. 

Experiment time soon!

Have a great weekend folks!


Sunday, January 3, 2016

Hello 2016!

Hi everyone! How is your long weekend? I hope you had good start to 2016 as well.

I had a memorable and fulfilling 2015 that ends with a amazing holiday in Tokyo with my family over the Xmas and New Year holidays to rejuvenate and energize myself for 2016, before flying back to a nice chilly Singapore. As of now, it still feels surreal!

DIY Mason Jar Lights
I finally get the time to do my first DIY mason light jars and I really love it - it's my perfect bedside lamp. It's pretty easy - just put the battery operated fairy lights into the mason jar and topping up the jar with pink roses.

Thanks for the blessings.
Thanks to my family and friends for your faith, trust and support for me.
Thanks for being here despite my sporadic updates or replies.
Cheers to a great 2016!

Don't live the same year 89 times and call it a life. Dream. Attempt. Explore... This moment is the beginning of anything you want. --