Thursday, October 15, 2015

Taiwan Trip, May 2015 - Our Itinerary for Taichung, Cingjing, HuaLien,Yilan Taipei

Yo Yo Taiwan! We are back!

It's an amazing trip filled with wonderful experience again! We stayed at the highest point in Cingjing to catch the families of blinky stars moving across the night sky, ate prawn crackers while strolling around Sun Moon Lake, venture across the mountains and Taroko Gorge to Hua Lien to sleep by the Pacific Ocean to the sound of waves crashing on shores, went to Yilan to chill in their hot spring & eat the best tasting cong you bing in the world, set off new wishes with our sky lanterns by the old railway and to Taipei 101 to admire the familiar city view.

Sunrise from Top of CingJing
So simple, so unbelievably beautiful.

Scenic ShiFen Waterfall
It was summer time when we visit Shifen, and our driver told us the day before that there wasn't much rainfall in Taipei in recent weeks and therefore the waterfall may be pretty slow. Guess what? It rained heavily the whole night the day before and stop to mere drizzles when we reach! So here it is - the magnificent waterfall.

Farmosa Chang's Lu Rou Fan 滷肉飯
Mouth watering and one of the reasons why we are back to Taiwan year after year. Better still, please come to Singapore!

Here's our planned itinerary (10D9N) this time round. Links will be updated as I blog along~

Day 1: Taichung (Hotel: Grano House)
Airport > 彩虹眷村 (Rainbow Village) > 妖怪村 (Monster Village) >武昌宮 (Wu Chang Temple) >集集 (Ji Ji Train Station)>車埕(Che Cheng) >台中福堂老店>逢甲 

Day 2: Cingjing (Hotel: Starry 清静观星园景观山庄)


Day 3: Hua Lien (Hotel: Hotel Bayview)

清静 (CingJing) >太魯閣 (Taroko Gorge)>七星潭> 彩虹夜市>原野牧場 

Day 4: Yi Lan (Hotel: 多爱温泉会馆)


Day 5: Kee Lung (Hotel: Evergreen Laurel)


Day 6-9: Taipei Free & Easy (Hotel: Rainbow)
Dazzling cafe, 君悦排骨, Aranzi Cafe 阿朗基咖啡, Taipei 101

Day 10: Home Sweet Home


Sunday, October 11, 2015

Let's talk Beauty - What's in my makeup pouch?

This is my current favorite pouch at the moment for the inspiring message, the little touch of teal, and ability to fit everything I like to bring around with me without adding more bulk to my handbag.

'Amazing Things Will Happen' Pouch (Proud acquisition with Rain From JJ Market, Bangkok) 
I have a few mantras for my daily to-go makeup pouch - firstly it must not be bulky. Secondly, if my products doesn't fit in it,  I do not need to bring it out. My back/shoulders will thank me for it.

Products (clockwise from bottom left): 

#Kai Mini Eyelash Curler link - I've tried the famous Shiseido, Shu Uemura, etc but my favorite is this Japanese brand Kai eyelash curler from local SaSa stores. It's compact, travel friendly and works amazingly well to curl even the shortest of lashes. It's ergonomically designed that I had never accidentally clip on my eyelids with this product and I've repurchased numerous times and no, other cheaper alternatives/ brand just do not work as well. 

#Handiplast - For breaking new shoes and emergencies. 

#Pearl HairbandFringe Clip & Hair Clips - For times where I want to keep my fringe off my face, my hair off my neck and because I couldn't say no to pretty hair accessories. 

#Rhoto Lycee Eye Drops link - It the time of the year again (NO thanks to haze) to lug them along everywhere I go and have one everywhere. I was in a cab where one big nasty dust particle flew to my eyes and turn them red in seconds but thankfully this save the day. I do wish that they are easily available in local drug stores. 

#Nail Clipper - For chipped fingernails and pesky stray cuticles which I get them when the environment is dry. 

#Chloe EDP miniature - For smelling good 24/7 and to get rid of food scents on hair. Somehow perfume miniatures always smells so much better than the full size product, isn't it?

#Clea De Peau concealer - To hide those panda worthy dark circles especially after spamming my eyes with eye drops (again, no thanks haze). 

#Etude House Color in Liquid Lips BE101 - To add a subtle wash of shiny pink beige color to my face. This formula is also quite hydrating and I used it as a lip balm when my lips are feeling dry. 

#Fairy Drops Quattro Long & Volume Mascara Film Type Mascara - Fairy Drop mascara is the only reason why I had an eyelash curler around in my pouch. I got this after combing numerous beauty stores in Ximending after watching a Taiwanese beauty blogshop model raving about it. I concluded after trying them that I need to load up on them on my next trip to Japan. If you have some time to kill, or simply determined to get good looking falsies like long lashes, layer on them extensively, lavishly and patiently and you will get amazingly long and curly eyelashes that stays curl the whole day without any smudging. According to my packaging, they contains nourishing essence to protect lashes too. I like that despite all the layering work, they remove well with just warm water (reminds me of Chanel de Volume Mascara). Holy grail material.

#Clio High Impact Powder - I don't use them unless I badly need to powder my nose but I just like having them around. 

Not in the picture is my hand cream and that's currently the EOS Cherry Blossom hand cream. 

Yes, I simply love hand creams. =)

Thanks for reading, lovelies!