Friday, August 28, 2015

Let's talk Beauty - Clio Shopping Haul & Review

Hello~ I'm back with my beauty ramblings =)

It's been some time since I tried new beauty products because I'm trying to deplete my current stash of brand new and existing beauty products for the last 6 months. Since I am quite successful in clearing some of them, it's replenishment time now!

Clio Killer Haul
I am thrilled to see new products from Clio available in our local stores. I got the liquid foundwear cushion and highest wear pact myself while Egg got the tinted tattoo for me in Taiwan back in March where I can't find the soft brown shade in Singapore then.

Clio Kill Cover Liquid Founwear Cushion SPF50 PA+++ (SGD59.90)

The Clio liquid foundwear cushion comes in 2 shades - Linen and Ginger. Most of the bb cushions in the market are pretty light on coverage, they are more for adding glow to your face and Clio apparently buck the trend and release a liquid founwear cushion. Think liquid foundation in a convenient cushion compact.


I got the shade Linen which is slightly brighter than Ginger (which look to be more yellow toned but not significantly darker). Personally, I like that this shade is a good match for my skin - not too pink/yellow. Coverage for Clio Founwear cushion is medium, and gives a flawless look easily with a few dabs that last all whole day when I paired it with their Highest Wear Pact. Their sunscreen and whitening properties is quite effective - I gotten fairer with just 2 weeks of using them. 

I love how convenient this cushion pact is and they are such time savers for busy mornings that I had been using them daily since I got them. The refill part is pretty innovative. As illustrated in the packaging, you will just have to pour in the refill bottle of the liquid foundation into the pact.

Clio Kill Cover Highest Wear Pact Review SPF 30 PA++ in Linen (SGD$32.90)
The Highest Wear Pack is a compact ultra-fine pressed powder that gives hides lines and provides hydration. There are 3 shades available locally - Linen, Sand and Ginger. 

I really like the Clio Kill Cover Highest Wear Pact. It simply just smoothed up your skin to give a soft velvety finish in one gentle dab of the product and you need very little to get your makeup set and last for the whole day.  I have to emphasize that despite how lightweight this powder product feels - a little goes a long way. It can look very "make-up" if you apply anything more than one gentle dab. It covers up the appearance of pores and lines, does not highlight dry spots and controls oil well for my t-zone area for the whole day without any oxidation. In all, I'll highly recommend this product.

Clio Tinted Tattoo Kill Brow in Soft Brown (SGD23.90) 
Clio Tinted Tattoo Kill Brow is a duo end brow product consisting of the brow tint on one end and the eyebrow mascara on the other end. It comes in 2 shades - #1 Earth Brown (the darker brown shade for people who are more tanned or who prefer a bolder look) and #2 Soft Brown.


I got shade #2, which is a soft brown shade that's very friendly for people with light skin tones or lighter hair color. The marker style pen is easy to use and dispenses light hint of color pigments on the skin with each stroke - so no worries about dark / blotchy eyebrows tint. The end effect is natural looking soft colored brows. The matching eyebrow mascara (which I believe have no tinting function) tidy up your eyebrow with neat coat of mascara for an extra polished look.

How about the eyebrow tint longevity? It lasted 2-3 days for me and fade evenly. Swimmers or gym goers will appreciate it's long lasting properties.

That's all folks! Have a great weekend ahead!

The Best Kind of People

Picture Source: BXJVQ

Thank you for believing in me, always.


Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Easy Recipe - A Cup of Rainbow Marshmallow Hot Chocolate

I always love my chocolates but that's not usually the case for hot chocolate drinks. Most of them just taste really bland and I feel that hot chocolate should taste like I'm slurping on liquid chocolate.

So needless say, I hardly held any hope for hot chocolate instant pack and that's the case until J passed me a packet of Swissmake hot cocoa mix her colleague got from the states.  I was skeptical but try it anyway and I must say - this cup of hot chocolate mix taste great with just hot water. 

Swiss Miss Marshmallow Madness Hot Cocoa Mix

Stir in hot water/milk to the mix and add marshmallow. Easy peasy!

Rainbow In A Cup
Nothing beats a nice cup of hot chocolate with colorful sweetened marshmallow to chase away any blues. 

I'm delighted to find that they are available locally in our bright sunny island. I got mine at NTUC for around S$4-S$5.  


Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Reno Diary - Part 5: A New Chapter

Finally, my cozy little home is ready to be moved in!

The pictures are taken few weeks after I've moved in. Probably months and years down the road when I revisit my little diary I will then compare the differences then.

Living Room

Photo Ledge
My mum did a great job re-decorating my photo ledge and my cut out full height shoe cabinet.

Shoe & Kitchen Cabinet

The whole journey had been an intriguing and enriching learning experience for me and I've developed varied interests in home decor, Ikea, Daiso and Taobao that I didn't expect myself to be. In beary's word, I'm now more "aunti-fied", which supposedly to mean that I'm more domesticated.

Special thanks to everyone who had been bearing with me (especially Jonas who has been listening to my 101+ thoughts and justifications in my mind with every renovation decisions that would easily fill up and exceed a 20,000 word thesis by now), standing with me through the hectic and dusty renovation journey, helping me throughout the whole journey and encouraging me through this busy journey. I'm so surprised, and very thankful for the house warming gifts I received (I didn't asked for any from anyone because I am the type who buys my own stuff) like Bro who got for me the biggest fridge that can fill up my space when he knows I was planning to buy one the next weekend, Beary who turn out when I was waiting for my furniture delivery in an empty house to bring for me a thermal flask to boil water, my cousins and uncle for helping me to move house and last but not least Mum for standing by me and helping me so much to make my house homely. I love you all.



Friday, August 14, 2015

Reno Diary - Part 4: 80 days of Reno

Basically I hand over the keys to my contractor and he manages the whole renovation process which took around 2.5 months. All I need to do is to reply to whatsapp from my contractor where ever he requires a decision from me and I just drop by once a week/fortnight to check on the progress.

And so I moved on to the next stage with sourcing and buying furnishings required during the installation period (air-con, sink, taps, lights, heater, bathroom accessories, kitchen appliances, electronics etc).

Tiles Installation
I missed the electrical wiring works (relocation of tv and internet points and adding new power points) and the guys had proceeded to the tiles installation by the first time I went over.


A week later, when the tiles are completed then skirting starts. I'm not really a fan of skirting but I still choose to do it because it will make cleaning easier (imagine the dirt trapped in between the floor tiles and walls?)

Craftstone Wall
Not long after, the installation of Craft stone wall starts. This took quite some time, like over a week? My contractor provides protective cupboard to protect my flooring without specifying in my quote or claim additional from me (read in the forum some contractors do).

Aircon Installation
I got my air conditioner from Gain City (along with extended warranty services to 5 years) instead of getting through the contractor's contact and need to be on site during a Saturday morning to decide on the aircon trunking path. See the long air con trunking in the picture below. It may not be obvious in the picture but in real life, it's a different material and surface finishing and looks very obvious and uncoordinated.

Covering up Aircon pipes
One example of the "nitty gritty" reno cost. I paid for the aircon trunking to be covered up.

L Box

Service Yard Window

Full Height Shoe Cabinet

Kitchen Cabinet
Before tap and my quartz table top are installed. Pretty simple because I have a "no cook" kitchen and plan to use an induction heater plate if needed.

Final Round of Lights, Fans and Electrical Installation
This time round I am present on site to tell them where I want for which lights/fans/tv/electrical appliances. I am pleasantly surprised that when I tell my contractor that I want alternate down lights to be able to switch on separately it was being done, although I didn't follow up closely on it.

Hi to Warm Water
Installed the water heater and bathroom accessories that I've bought the past weeks.

Hanging Lights
The only taobao lightings I've got and I'm very happy with my purchase. I bought the LED light bulb locally.

Power Points
I do worry slightly that the electrical points looks ugly with my craftstone wall and thankfully it's not.

Fresh Coat of Paints
I decide to keep most of my walls white except for some pastels in the room.  I did play around with a very light beige on my living room to give some dept to the overall whiteness and that's about it.

Mint Wall for the room 
Don't think my camera capture the shade accurately. In my opinion, it looks more green in the picture on day time due to sunlight and more mint in the night time.

Glass Kitchen Door
My contractor installed a L box at the area above the glass door and installed additional hinge on the top part of the glass because he thinks the original single hinge is too flimsy.

Window Grills & Blinds Installation
Originally I do not want any window grills installed because it spoils my view and runs into my budget but I do want my niece and nephew to be able to come to my home and play around safely and therefore eventually I installed them. I decided on blinds because I have sensitive nose and wouldn't appreciate the dust that curtains seem to trap. Venetian blinds then.

Finally! My renovation completed smoothly!


Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Reno Diary - Part 3: My Renovation Theme & ID/Contractor Search

To be honest, I didn't research or know much about home renovation until after I've collected my keys. So needless say, I got tons of things to do and I need to learn fast.

Thankfully, I'm armed with many experienced advisers (my best adviser are my sis-in-law, L, Bel & JT - who recently renovated their house in the past year) who shared their invaluable knowledge, experiences, and advice to bring me up to speed.

In my opinion (for a home renovation noob point of view), any decision related to home renovation is a test on the fine art of "best" decisions making in the face of how firm about your personal preference you are, feasibility of ideas, time constraint, budget constraint, capability and workmanship of your chosen renovation contractor/ID, compatibility with furnishings (getting the right furniture plays a big part to the overall ambiance), so on and so for. In other word its not easy nor straightforward.

My Tiles Color Theme
Light, wooden and inspired by the sands on the beach. I didn't adopt too much of the blues and beiges (because I think I may get sick of those shades) and opt for more white. Light wooden floors also happens goes well with many home decoration themes, such as Scandinavian, Modern, Minimalist and Mediterranean.. 

Ideas from Internet
I save down images I like on my phone/tablet, so it's hard for me to trace back the original link for the images (if you are the owner of the pictures and like to have the pictures removed/credited please let me know). Other than Google, I like Qanvast and Renotalk forum specially because that's where many experienced home owners share their knowledge.


Scandinavian with Open Kitchen Concept
My house layout doesn't really support the open kitchen concept but I love how well the white kitchen matches the Scandinavian living room theme.

Scandinavian with some industrial elements
For this case, contrasting black track light. This is very popular in many local homes.

Simple, Warm & Cozy

Playing with Colors on one side of wall

Playing with light pink textured walls

This is taken of my hotel room in Hotel Bayview Hualien. It's has a lovely rustic feel with lots white and pops of teal and blues. I drop this theme off because I think it requires a lot of time to procure the right decorations for the home for the right feel and I was too busy then. On the other hand, I have this idea that if I get tired of my white Scandinavian theme I can always repaint some area with teal turn it into Mediterranean with furnishing.    

Eventually I decided on these criterias: 
- Light wooden floor
- Bright, cozy, airy theme, white, beige and light pastels (no black)
- Easy to clean/maintain
- No exposed pipes or track lights 
- Under $20k budget (I managed to stick to it. Before I start on my research my budget was $10k which my bro thought I'm joking. Seriously. Now I know it's not a joke when my friend S told me he spent $80k on his Punggol home renovation)

My Interior Designers / Contractors Search
There are pro and cons of using interior designers (ID) of contractors. After speaking to a few IDs /contractors, I decided to just engage a contractor for my home renovation since I know what I want and want to keep to my budget.

I read about unskillful tile work so I decided to choose a contractor who is good in flooring (which I had seen their workmanship) since my wooden tile plank floors is a huge part of my deco. Other reasons that I choose my contractor because his firm is one of those with license registered with HDB for 30 over years (more reliable/assuring) and that I feel that he is trustworthy, knows his work and understand what I want without wanting to change my ideas to theirs (some IDs I've met have very strong views on their designs). 

Renovation Scope
After considerations, these are what I decided to do.
- Tiles for my living room, corridor and bed rooms
- Craftstone wall on one part of my living room
- Kitchen cabinets with white quartz top with cement base and refrigerator base
- Shoe cabinet
- L box in living room
- Glass kitchen door
- Service yard window
- Grilles for windows in living room and bedrooms
- Electrical & pother installation works ( installing lightings for L box, changing TV, ethernet points, adding power points, installing heater & bathroom accessories)
- Painting & Haulage/ Cleaning before hangover 

So contractor selected by mid March and my renovation starts in April.

To be continued.