Thursday, July 30, 2015

Reno Diary - Part 2: My Flooring Search

One of my first surprise for my reno journey is that my floor does not came with any tiles installed. In fact it isn't even a "move in" condition because the floor is rough and uneven. So even if I want an industrial theme or just use laminates or vinyl (seem quite popular recently), I will still need to cement / smooth out the surface.

On the other hand, I always want wooden floors, so needless say I got over the surprise fast and start researching,  along with my defect checks (thankfully went very smoothly, no major defects and minor defects are completed within 2 weeks). After reading up on the different types of flooring, considering their appearances, longevity, costs and maintenance I decided on wood plank tiles.

With my focus on wood looking ceramic tiles, I head down to Hafary and Soon Bee Huat to shop for tiles over the long weekends.

Wood Plank Tiles
Even with my narrowed down preference of wood plank tiles, here I have, in front of me, selections of wood looking tiles in all kinds of colors, texture and shades. Decisions and decisions and who doesn't like informed decisions? Now I know why people prefers to hire IDs.

Grout Color Selection

After my first window shopping spree (for tiles), I felt even more strongly about the tile color/design selection because it will affect my home decoration theme and the choice of colors of all my furnishings (such as sofa). So my research intensified.

Within 2 weeks, I went from "not sure what is good" to a well defined concept of "bright and airy but yet neutral enough to accommodate all colors"  and ideal choice of "light beige kind of wood color with hint of pink." Yes, very specific I am.

And by then, I have narrowed down my choice of tiles to only one. Can you guess which?


Monday, July 27, 2015

Reno Diary - Part 1: Getting My Place

One of my many dreams is to own my own home and I am extremely blessed to get it in December last year.

For the most part of the first six months this year I was very occupied with my house renovation. In fact, now that I have just moved in a couple of weeks ago, I constantly find myself thinking on how to improve my deco, organization etc.

As what J wisely told me when I just got my keys back then - there's never an end to home improvement. I took it as advice then but at this point of time I wholeheartedly agree.

Bare House
A memento on how my house looks like when I first step into it. Cutie pie niece not included. Thanks mum, sil and bro for pineapples etc and all their support. Haha!

To be continued... =)

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Bangkok Trip, Feb 2015 - Hello Kitty Cafe Siam Square

Devoted we are to Platinum Mall, restricted we may be due to time, we also love exploring different places around Bangkok =)

One of the new place that we venture out to is Hello Kitty cafe.

So right after Chatuchak and our favorite mango sticky rice at Siam Paragon, we drop by Siam Square for a coffee break with the world famous cat.

Hello Kitty House Bangkok 

Coffee To Go
Hello Kitty house has this 1 for 1 iced coffee deal (at 200 Thai baht which is around SGD8+ for 2 cups of iced coffee) that comes with cute Hello Kitty cup. J went to the cafe a week after my trip and she got a different design compared to mine.

Cafe Interiors
Yup, it's a Sunday but the cafe wasn't packed at all.

A Thousand Words
Jas is a huge hello kitty fan and needless say she's so thrilled!

Hello Kitty Confectioneries

Too Cute for Food
Couldn't say no to this cutesy cream cheese cake although we are both not hungry at all. I didn't expect it to taste good but it's does. Sinful but adorably nice.

Ending the post with a selfie with my new Hello Kitty cup. The cafe has such nice warm non LED lighting (pardon me, I'm all into interior decoration nowadays).

To be continued coz we'll be back soon with Rain!


Monday, July 6, 2015

Bangkok Trip, Feb 2015 - Getaway with the Lovelies & Chatuchak!

Yes it's Bangkok again! 

I swear 4 days is too short, especially with my lovelies! Just going to our favourite places and our trip is over in a blink of an eye. Coincidentally, we also bump into Y and J during our trip coz all of us stayed again at Platinum Novotel. 

Our Needs (Other than Shopping)!
Jas loves mango sticky rice and Rain loves Sabx2 wanton mee with pig trotters and Nam Sing bird nest. Me? I love everything that they love. Haha! 

Mango Sticky Rice
We can't find a mango sticky rice that's not nice in Bangkok. Seriously.

Wan Tan Mee at Pratunam
The wanton mee stall is even more popular compared to our last visit and we have to wait for 10 minutes to get a table. It's worth the wait especially with their neighbor stall with melt in your mouth pig trotters.

Pig Trotter Stall Neighbor
Check out the queue behind us!

And of course, because we are shopaholics buddies it's the weekend before Chinese New Year, we wanted to get new clothes and the guys wanted to tailor clothes! Here's our itinerary but honestly - 4D3N feels way too short!   

Day 1: Arrive & Shop (Tailor Clothes)
Day 2: Platinum Mall 
Day 3: Chatuchat aka JJ Market, Hello Kitty Cafe @ Siam Center, Onyx
Day 4: Home Sweet Home

Chatuchak (JJ Market)
This time round we finally venture a little bit out of Platinum and went to Chatuchak market! Gotten my 2 clocks for my new place from there! 

Thai Desserts
We found this delicious dessert store in the middle of Chatuchak that allows us to choose any 3 of the toppings for their coconut milk desserts. Not a coconut milk lover but I love their red ruby desserts with a delectable crunch in the middle from the fresh water chestnut! 

Rain & her megawatt smile

Coconut Ice Cream
The famous coconut ice cream in Chatuchak. We didn't try though coz we are not hungry.

Garden Deco Ideas
It's so pretty and whimsical!

Cutesy Signboards

Graphic Tee

Not hot enough?
As if the weather in CTC is not hot enough, check out the hunky waiters in this food stall in Chatuchak.

Hm.. little wonder business is good. 

Friday, July 3, 2015

Yoogane Dak Galbi in Bugis Junction

One of my favorite dish during my trip to Seoul is the Dak Galbi which I tried at ChunCheon on my way to Nami Island. 

The weather is cold (around 10 degree Celsius) and this pipping hot dish of spicy marinated chicken cubes served over hot frying pan on our tables, just taste heavenly. 

So needless say, I am thrilled that Yoogane opened a branch in Singapore, at level 2 of Bugis Junction last year and always want to check them out but the long queue is one huge deterrent. Finally, J & I checked out Yoogane  after one of our shopping trips to Haji Lane. We went there on an off-peak pre-dinner time and got a table in less than 10 minutes. 

Yoogane Restaurant Interior

Mini Booth for Free Flowing Side Dishes

Soda & Side Dishes

Radish, Kimchi and their coleslaw with strawberry sauce.

Ready for the Meal
We were given a bib to protect our clothes from all the frying activities. 

Cooking Starts
Not by us but by the friendly waiters and waitresses.

Sizzling Hot Chicken Galbi
Taste just as good as I remember them to be. 

With Fried Rice and Cheese

We add on their fried rice and cheese, which are stirred in subsequently. Yummy! 

Overall, I like the dish and dining concept and think it's a great place for dinner gathering.

Admitted, we do smell slightly of food once we exit the restaurant but I'll definitely be back for more.

Have a great weekend folks~