Friday, April 24, 2015

Let's Talk Beauty - Dove Refresh Care Volume Dry Shampoo

In my July beauty haul last year (gosh, how time flies), I briefly talked about the Oscar Blandi (that's literally invisible & dysfunctional) spray dry shampoo and for some time, that product successfully kill off any urge to try any dry shampoo.

All till I caught a glimpse of the Dove Refresh Care dry shampoo when I pass by the hair care section in Target. F is raving all about this product for her flat/oily hair and how much she love it - so at the price of ~USD 6 a bottle, I thought it won't be much pity if I try and do not like the product. So grab, buy, bring back, I did.

Dove Refresh Care Volume Dry Shampoo

Just the other day, I finally get around to try it and gosh I'm impressed. The spray dispense a fine layer of powder particle that stay invisible for my dark brown hair, feels lightweight and really create volume. In fact, I love the volumizing effect of this product, and that my hair doesn't feels icky or stiff like it will if I use hair spray/wax to volume up my tresses.  

There are a few dry shampoo brands that I tried that dispense too much white powder to dark hair to give a premature grey hair look and I am happy that this product DOES NOT. Scent wise the Dove Refresh Care Dry Shampoo has a light and nice clean drugstore shampoo scent which I really like because it smells like I had just shampoo my hair. 

At the price of USD$6 for a big bottle (141g), this product is quite affordable and can probably last for quite some time. The next time I see it I'll probably stock up on more. Or can some folks in Dove Singapore import this gem in?

So my overall review? I will highly recommend this product.

Thanks for reading lovelies!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Be an Enthusiast

Fave quote from Roald Dahl, one of my favorite authors.

Remove all negativity and doubts.

Be passionate whatever goals you have and actively pursue it.

And someday you will realized it.

Hereby I dedicate this post to whoever who shared with me your goals & thoughts in recent months.

Have a great weekend folks!


Let's talk Beauty - Urban Decay's Ultra Defination Powder Foundation

My original intention is to pick up a backup of my Laura Mercier Secret Brightening powder that's is emptying itself out after 3 years.

That was the original plan.

That's the thing about Sephora (not me, I seldom walk out with just one thing. This time round, I also picked up the latest Urban Decay compact powder foundation. 

Urban Decay Ultra Definition Power Foundation

Description From Urban Decay website (read more here)
Want a foundation that delivers amazing coverage, lasts all day and works wet AND dry? Naked Skin Ultra Definition Powder Foundation delivers. Our advanced, velvety formula provides weightless, buildable coverage with a luminous, demi-matte finish for a Naked Skin feel.While traditional powder foundations can be dry and look dusty or cakey on the skin, Naked Skin ALWAYS blends gorgeously and wears comfortably. Like the rest of our Naked Skin lineup, Naked Skin Powder Foundation diffuses light to blur fine lines and wrinkles to make you look professionally retouched. It’s also ultra forgiving: apply more in the areas where you need extra coverage and all you’ll see is beautiful, perfected skin. 

Urban Decay Ultra Definition Power Foundation in Fair Neutral

My couple of cents

It had been some time since I've used a two-way powder foundation but I always adore two-way powder foundation because it's so much more convenient and faster to apply. I have moved on for a few years to liquid foundation because  I have grown bored of the matte effect (that's the technology years back) and how age unfriendly it looks on dry parts of the skin.

So with such bias-ness, what do I think of this product?

True to the ultra definition promise, this powder foundation photographs a.m.a.z.i.n.g.l.y. No Photoshop/filters required to obtain the flawless look. It can look slightly powdery during the application and but it will blends in with your skin within half an hour and lasted the whole day (that's easily 12 hours) without oxidation to a darker/weird shade. This powder foundation can be used wet or dry (wet for more coverage), I have only used it dry and after my sunblock without any primer etc. The powder in itself is quite fine and lightweight and gives a soft velvety finish. I also like that it does not clinch unevenly into the dry parts of the face area.

The power foundation comes in a sleek compact with protective pouch, which I really like that it prevents the compact from getting scratches and more importantly, prevent the sponge from contamination from the other stuff in your bag or pouch, making it extremely travel friendly.

The shade selection is the trickier part. My color match for the naked liquid foundation is shade 0.5 and I got a choice of 2 shades for the compact powder foundation range - Fair Cool (cool tone) or Fair Neutral (neutral tone). I have fair skin with neutral undertone (around a MAC NC15-20) and I got a match in Fair Neutral which looks slightly orange to me upon application but it adjusted well after a couple of minutes. Meanwhile, Fair Cool, when swatched, looks extremely pink!

Last but not least, my least favorite part of the powder foundation is how fast it runs out for me! In slightly over 4 weeks of daily usage I see the base of the powder foundation and I don't even touch up my makeup in mid day. And for records, all my liquid foundation lasted me over 1 year so honestly, I dunno where this product had been disappearing to. At SGD$50+ per compact (no refill for this product currently that I know of) this product disappear too fast for my liking.

All in all, this got to be one of my favorite powder foundation currently and I'll highly recommend this product especially when you are travelling and want to look good in a niffy.

Thanks for reading lovelies! 

Friday, April 10, 2015

Let's Talk Beauty - Bath and Body Works Aromatherapy Lavender Vanilla Sleep Pillow Mist

Have you ever shop and liked a product enough but just forget about it once you leave the shop? 

This is what that happens to me months back but thanks to my thoughtful Santarina BFF, who guessed that I may try looking for this in the States and somehow will forget to find it, this babe found itself back to my slash of beauty products.

Bath and Bodyworks Aromatherapy Lavender Vanilla Pillow Mist (website
Directions: Spray a light mist over the pillow or sheets for an authentic aromatherapy experience. Our exclusive blend of essential oils calms and clears the mind for a truly restful, peaceful slumber. Breathe deeply for best results.

My Thoughts

I adore the scent! It smells nothing like lavender or vanilla on their own - the emergent scent smells like baby powder in a soothing and warm way. I usually have problems falling asleep and getting good quality sleep (which rain once described to me as the phase in your sleep where you are in a deep sleep with peaceful light dreams) and this product helps me to calm my active minds and fall asleep faster. 

The pillow mist dispense well per spray and spread widely - so in a way I like that I do not have to spray many times in order to get the scent out / linger. The product can last quite a long time, and I will most likely repurchase them unless the scent stop working for me. 

Hope it helps, especially for my fellow overactive night thinkers! 

Sleep tight and don't forget to dream!

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Tokyo Trip, May 2014 - Tokyo Disneyland (Easter & Spring Celebration) Part 3

Disney is magic, for every child or the child at heart. =)

We love Disneyland so much that we decide to go back on our second last day of our trip to indulge in its magic again.

Sunny Clear Sky
It's a sunny day and school holiday for the Japanese school kids.


Sparrow & Spring Flowers
Lavender's green dilly dilly lavender's blue... All I need now is a singing Disney Princess.

The World's Bazaar

Cutie Alert 
Someone placed a cute toddler in front of the shop for photo-taking. Kawaii desu ne!

Disney Parade Starting!
We reach just in time to catch the Disney Parade!

The Fair Disney Ladies

Hi Minnie!

Donald Duck & Daisy
For some reason my nephew was so excited to see Donald Duck and keep shouting out to it throughout the parade!

Sunny Day's Best Companion
What else? Ice cream!

Fruity Mickey Popsicles

Next, we proceed to check out the first attraction in Adventure Land.

Pirate Caribbean

Captain Sparrow

Pirate Treasure

Everyone Loves Marie
Including Cinderella's Miss Kettle =)

My Favorite Pirates! 
My nephew keep on insisting to get a Minnie hat and we were glad when he finally settle on the pirate hat. It's quite cute to see this little pirate with a hat way bigger than his head running around Disneyland.

Girls also wanna have fun
Meimei when you are bigger you get your own hat ok?

La Petite Parfumerie
Being a beauty fanatic, how can I resist not checking out the Parfumerie for beauty scents?

Coz a Girl Gotta Smell like a Princess
At All Times. Seriously

Aromatic Oil Diffuser
Cannot resist not buying. Collecting bits and pieces of ornaments for my new home!

Western River Railroad

More Around Western Land

Hungry Bear Restaurant
Next, we pop by to Hungry Bear Restaurant for our lunch and discover that Hungry Bear loves curry cutlet rice. It was in this place where we find people using their mobile phone to reserve their table while they went off to buy food.

Sweet Desserts Deal
Ending the meal with the a mixed berry dessert that comes with the limited souvenir cup.

It's more rides after our lunch!

Big Thunder Mountain

Soda Popcorn

Splash Mountain
This is one of my favorite Disneyland rides! There is a camera that will take a photo of your ride as it descend down from the taller waterfall and the group of Japanese schoolgirls taking the same boat were discussing to all raise their hands and we decide to also go along.

Haunted Mansion
Wicked looking enough? Erm, not really. Maybe we should plan a Halloween visit to Disney to check out it's wickedness at best!

Snow White Adventure
It's a pretty fast moving short ride but my niece and nephew were afraid coz it's dark.

Sun Set Disneyland

Disney Fastfood
We went to the Disney fastfood chain for some quick dinner before the night time parade. So say hi to the mickey shaped burgers and nuggets!

The details!

Disneyland Night Time Parade
It's the second time we caught the night parade and it's just as infectiously chirpy and enchanting. Check out my previous post for more pics of the parade.

Star Command
I think it's our last ride for the day before we had another night performance at the main entrance and that's all for the day!

Couldn't thank Walt Disney enough for all the happiness they bring to our childhood.

We will be back soon!