Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Tokyo Trip, May 2014 - Himawari Zushi Shinjuku

One of the food you definitely have to try when you are in Japan other than ramen is sushi. The sashimi are fresh, succulent and the prices are so much more affordable than say, in Singapore.

After our first sushi meal in Japan in Sushi Go-Round, we decided to be even more adventurous and try the other conveyor belt sushi shop in Shinjuku area based on our trusty hotel map. They are located in the middle of the busy food district in Shinjuku opposite Lumine.

Conveyor Belt Sushi
I missed a picture of the shop front but judging by the signatures of the people in the shop, it can't be too bad. A simple search and it looks like the place we went to is Hamawari Zushi. Check out their ratings in TripAdvisor too.

They had alot more variety and more creative offerings and also cooked fish sushi, if you don't like raw fish.

Let's tuck In
I think the picture may not really tells, but in Japan you see the fish slice bigger than and covering the sushi rice. Haha, in Singapore, its usually the other way around!

Overall, I will recommend this sushi bar in Shinjuku as this store offers wide variety of sushi and are economical with prices starting from 150 yen (SGD$1.70) a plate.

Thanks for reading!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Give Thanks

'Give Thanks' is one of the favourite songs back in my school days in a Methodist school. Back then, despite being a free thinker, I like really this song simply because it so soothing and melodious and it's so therapeutic to sing our hearts together with Mrs Chng (I hope I remember her name right) who look totally immersed in the song when she lead us for the chapel session. I always feel so relaxed and at peace after every chapel session - who can feel lousy after a session of singing positive songs?

Recently, I was in this super busy mode, probably more tensed because of all the many things I want/need to accomplish. Then just a moment ago, I heard this song again from the local TV channel as a promotion for a Society for the Physically Disabled (SPD) Charity Show and a reminder not to forget to help those in need. 

Music is therapy for the Soul

This quote can never be more timely.

The best time to relax and regroup is when you don’t have time for it.

Enjoy the weekend folks!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Tokyo Trip, May 2014 - Odaiba Outlet Shopping at Venus Fort, Palette Town

From the deepest depth of my shopaholic soul, this is the place that we were hoping to discover earlier in our trip.

It's super easy to love this outlet mall! Not only does it offers sizable discounts (compared to the town area), it also have a good variety of outlet stores from various popular local and international brands houses in a beautiful mall (more on that later) without the hustle bustle of the typical Tokyo departmental stores and shopping centers.

Venus Fort
We took the subway to the Tokyo teleport station. Palette town is located just outside the station.

Palette Town Information

Giant Ferris Wheel

Inside Venus Fort
The shopping mall is designed to look like a medieval European city - complete with a purple pink tinted ceiling. This gives a really warm and surreal ambiance and definitely one of the most interesting shopping mall (in terms of interior design) that I've seen to date! 


Some of my favorite brands.

Burberry Blue Label
This store is much bigger than the Blue label store that we went to in Omotesando. They carry the regular range at tax-free price and more sales item too.

Tralala & Liz Lisa
The price labels speaks for themselves. Their outlet only carries the a small selection (previous season?) compared to the stores in town but the prices are definitely more attractive!

More Shops

Korean BBQ
For some reason, my nephew and niece are now great fan of pasta (because of the Japanese - Italian fusion pasta stores around Tokyo) and so we split out for the meal and I have some serious protein in the Korean BBQ beside their restaurant.

Charcoal Grilled Meat
Their meat taste good (maybe even better than some of the BBQ eateries in Korea!). The restaurant gave us a ice cream to end our meal which my nephew really enjoys.

Musee De Peau 
After our meal, we shopped further (and spend alot of time in Levis coz their jeans cost at less than S$30 including alteration) and I discover the super big drugstore on our way to Starbucks for coffee. For tourist, we can just show our passport to enjoy additional 8% discount off the products after the tax free price. This is also where I got my Clea de Peau concealer at a slightly cheaper price than from Narita Airport.

This is one of the 100 Yen Shop (or 108 yen after tax). They do carry similiar products as Daiso but I really like their range of Hello Kitty, Sanrio and Disney theme merchandise.

Cutest Puppy Ever
This puppy belongs to one of the owner of a pushcart in level 1 and I asked for permission to take a picture of this cute doggie. It's really small in real life - maybe just slightly bigger than my palm? Simply adorable!

There's More!
And I believe that we have not yet finish exploring the place! There's a few more shopping centers (linked to each other) for the true blue shopaholics, or the the amazing view of the giant Gandam, Tokyo bay, rainbow bridge and the statue of liberty for the travel photographer.

Time Flies When You are Shopping
Ending my post with these pictures of the evening view of the colorful lighted Palette Town.

Next time Tokyo, I'll be back, and be back to finish exploring Odaiba!


Sunday, March 8, 2015

Tokyo Trip, May 2014 - Izakaya Dining at Shinjuku

When in Rome - do as Romans do. When in Japan - chill like how the locals do - and so we drop by one of their Izakaya (居酒屋) in Shinjuku area for dinner.

Izakaya Dining
Izakaya are eateries that serves food and drinks. I means stay and Sakaya means sake shop. The whole restaurant is buzzing and full of after office workers. We were led to our tables (build in a shelter) and given warm towels to refresh ourselves. There's even a cloth hanger for us to hang our coat behind us.

Ready for Dinner

First of all - Sashimi! A must have in the land of Sashimi!

This restaurant serves up a mean yakitori. We ordered some to try and repeat orders for some of them but this is the only pic I've got because we tuck in fast and merry!

Tea Rice?
Another of my adventurous order because it looks good on the menu. It's sweet and sour prune tea with rice! Haha, I can't say I enjoy it - it taste too weird for me. The presentation is pretty though.

Alright, the picture doesn't say a thousand words this time round for this post because this is gem. It is absolutely delicious!

And more Fish

Night Time Shinjuku
Some more of the sights around the vibrant Shinjuku.

A time before Game Boy, Play Stations, Nintendo, smartphones and tablets.

That's all for one part of my nightly Shinjuku dining routine. There's more to come! =)