Friday, February 27, 2015

Easy Recipe - Toasted Kit Kats

What's one of best thing about a super long weekend like CNY this year?

To me, that will be the free time to relax and try out new things!

Just like this Toasted Kit Kat that I got last May in Tokyo Narita airport. 

Toasted Kit Kat
Not sure if the flavor but all I know from the packaging is that it can be toasted, and looked like the toasted melty goodness mochi I tried in Taipei. Anyway, I had only minutes to buy them before I board my plane and so it's a case of grab first and figure out later. 

Let's get Started!
There's a whole lot of instruction in the Kit Kat Japan website and so I decided to Google and came across this very informative site which has the cooking instruction in English. According to the site, you can even toast chocolate kit kats! 

My Directions
I didn't chill my Kit Kat bars and so basically I just remove the wrappers and pop them into the oven. In less than a minute, the kit kat chocolates melted and I have to take them out of the oven to avoid over-heating them. warns of possible overheating and even fire (due to oil in the chocolates) so keep an eye on the oven!

The Melting Actions
The kit kat bars melt fast, in less than a minute. Anyway, stand by!

Tada - The Toasted Goodies!
It look slightly brown but it's smells so good and taste like caramel toasted pudding cookies!

The Japanese are innovative and I got to give it to them. These toasted Kit Kat bars have a nice caramelized taste (kind of like toasted milk pudding) and crunchy texture. Overall, it's delicious, fun and easy to try! By the way, these Kit Kat bars can be consumed even if you did not heat them up - it's fun to consume them either way you prefer - original or toasted.

And More Kit Kat Toasts
How can I stop at one especially where I have a few more types of Kit Kat hanging around?
(L-R: The Toasted Matcha Sakura Kit Kat, Toasted Kit Kat and Toasted Milk Chocolate Kit Kat).

They tasted like crunchy baked cookies rather than milk chocolates! The green tea Kit Kat smells really good too, though I think the toasted regular milk chocolate just reminds me a little of Koko Crunch. And the original toasted Kit Kat tops with it's caramel milk pudding smell.

That's all for my mini cooking episode. Have a good weekend folks!


Saturday, February 21, 2015

Happy CNY 2015!

Happy Chinese New Year! 

祝愿大家身体健康,步步高升,恭喜发财, 羊年行好运,一年比一年好!  祝愿小朋友们快高长大!

Early Reunion Dinner
We had an early reunion dinner at Peach Garden with our closest relatives. Bro put in a extra effort to choose a good place for our reunion dinner (scouting and scrutinizing the menus from different places and securing a room for our private gathering) while I was being busy with all my reno stuff. Thanks Bro, it's an excellent recommendation and the food is great! I hope everyone enjoy the dinner too! 

The Menu before the Food
Coz we are such foodies and accordingly, without doubt a true blue Singaporeans. 

Prosperity Yu Sheng with Lobster and Baby Abalone

Suckling Pig

Double Boil Shark Fin with Chicken Herb
This is slightly bitter and normal to me but at least according to the menu - it has all the Chinese herb that are supposedly good for health.

Steam Pomfret 
My mum and relatives are true blue teochew and love this steam fish dish.

Braised Three Head Abalone with Dried Oyster and Black Moss
The braised abalone is one of my favorite! Cannot be said for the oyster though - I'm really not a oyster fan.

Braised Rice with King Prawn with Black Pepper in Claypot
This is one of my favorite dish of the night and all of us finish this up even though we are all super full by then. The braised rice in steamboat (technically known as porridge when served to us) looks extremely normal but taste extremely exceptionally good (they can give the lobster porridge a run for their cash!). The king prawn are large, juicy and extremely satisfying.

Double Boiled Harsma with Gingko Nut in Young Coconut
I like the dessert! It's so sweet and piping hot and served in a young coconut which you can enjoy the fruit while you take the dessert. I was never a fan of coconut but this combination is killer.

Pan Fried Layered Nian Gao
The colorful Nian Gao for 年年高升.

Maneki Neko (Fortune Cat) Nail Art
On the same festive theme but a different topic - new year calls for new nail art and an excellent opportunity for me to overdose on all the reds and the cute fortune cat! 

The Holiday Selfie 
Coz I am so enjoying the break!

Life is so good with a routine like this:
(i)    Wake up only when you feel like it
(ii)    Eat
(iii)   Watch movie (watched Boys to Man Frogman, From Vegas to Macau 2, Fifty Shades of Grey and Triumph in the Sky)
(iv)   Gathering
(v)    Eat
(vi)   Sleep
(vii)  Repeat (i) to (vi) again and include snacking all day long and only doing things I like to do.

I love long weekends! Cheers to all the long weekends this year!

Quote of the Day
Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more -- Melody Beattie


Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Tokyo Trip, May 2014 - Around Shibuya (Hachiko,109 & Hello Kitty DJ)

We like Shibuya so much that we went there twice for our trip (and same for Harajuku)!

We may be extremely bias though - there are no places we went to in Japan yet that we do not like. Haha!

Amidst all the crowd in Shibuya station, we finally found the statue of the legendary Hachiko - the touching story of an incredibly loyal Akita dog that greet its owner at the Shibuya station at the end of each working day and continue to do so for nine years after its owner died.

Shibuya Tourist Information Center
I think the green train information center is kinda cool in a nostalgic way, the only other feature (other than Hachiko) among the high rise commercial buildings around the area that provides a throwback to  how the place may look a couple of decades ago.

Shibuya Traffic Light
The famous multi-crossing traffic light in Shibuya. Heard that the prime location for snapping the photo of this famous traffic light is at the Starbucks in Tsutaya but we just want to go shopping first.

L'Occitane Cafe
We passed by the L'Occitane Cafe on our way to the 109 building. I always though L'Occitaane is a French skincare brand but come to think of it, if Agnes B can have it's own cafe in Taipei, why not for L'Occitane?

Shibuya 109
Finally! Everybody says "Ichi-Maru-Kyu" (Japanese for 109)! Being a avid Popteen magazine reader in the past, 109 is one the one place I must go in Tokyo even without planning anything for my trip.  Shibuya 109 is a shopping center in Shibuya district that carries many local Japanese clothing brands such as Samantha Vegas, Liz Lisa, Moussy, LDS, Egoist etc. The building also have free wifi for tourist (upon request at the information counter). There's another building for 109 Men's nearby too.

Samantha Vegas
Right near the entrance of Shibuya 109 is the popular Samantha Vega store. Check out their lovely floral deco. By the way, Samantha Vegas is the sister line of Samantha Thavasa which has multiple lines such as Samantha Thavasa, Samantha Thavasa Deluxe and Samantha Thavasa New York etc. which are located in different shopping centers and carries different range of bags, Anyway, morale of the story is - if you like their product - just buy in case you do not pass by the same shop again.

Liz Lisa
Their product are so floral and girly!

If Chic is your style, Egoist is the way to go.


More Shops
The shops are all meticulously styled - even the sales assistance are so friendly, pretty and camera ready at all times. Whatever is your style (even for the Gothic rock look), you be sure to find one shop you like in the building.

In one of the levels there is a shop that sells so many cute plushies. Kawaii ne! 

ABC Cosme Store
If you are a cosmetic fan as much as I do, check out the ABC Cosme Store in one of the upper floors of the building. They sell almost every Japanese drugstore brands (with testers for most) and a wide variety of contact lens too. 

Ma Maison Cafe
After some time, we settle for lunch in the building. Between ramen and Italian Japanese fusion food we choose the latter and went into Ma Maison cafe. The selection of food is pretty similar to the branch at The Central Singapore.

Creamy Seafood Gratin

Omelette Rice

Noodle Looking Cake
This is kinda cool but we didn't order it as my nephew insists on cakes with strawberries.

Strawberries are essentials because they just taste so good in Japan.

Hello Kitty DJ
We are quite lucky to catch the Hello Kitty DJ spinning her dance track at the KT Club on the top floor.

KT in the House
For some reason the longer video from my video camera cannot be uploaded to Youtube, so let's enjoy the short Kitty spin while it lasted! =) 

Lindt Chocolate Cafe Shibuya
We passed by Lindt Chocolate cafe on our second trip back to Shibuya 109 to get bags and on our way to explore other parts of Shibuya that we had yet to cover.  

Chocolates for All Taste Buds
Fancy some pistachio, strawberry or even a touch of sea salt in your chocolates?

Lindt Chocolate Soft Serve Icecream
We had the Lindt chocolate softserve in waffle cone (I request for a mix of milk and dark chocolate softserve ice cream) and bought some macarons. Nephew loves macarons (too!) and so we ordered a green tea macaron to share and it's super good!

Okonomiyaki Goodness at Shibuya Hikari
For lunch, we decided to located the delicious looking Okonomiya from one of the tourist map brochures we got from 109. We ordered the Okonomiyaki sets which comes with our choice of Okonomiyaki served with a broth for the Okonomiyaki, healthy chicken soup and rice. We are all very satisfied and highly recommend this place too.

Piping Hot Okonomiyaki & Chicken Soup

Welfie Time
We were waiting for our meals to be served and decided that the lighting in the restaurant is too good to miss for a selfie session. My nephew was in a phase where he likes all my sunglasses and loves posing around with them.