Sunday, November 30, 2014

Tokyo Trip, May 2014 - DisneySea Part 1 - Here We Come!

After our usual Krispy Creme breakfast routine at Shinjuku, we head off to DisneySea!

Tokyo DisneySea

Mascot Time!
My lil' nephew is so happy and chummy with the mascots.

Big Bad (Looking) Wolf
By now, my nephew had become more choosy and want to choose the mascot to take photos with. We saw this friendly but not friendly looking wolf near the entrance of DisneySea who come up to my nephew for photo taking but my nephew rejected the poor fellow. Guess what? The wolf begun to act like it was very sad and keep on looking back at my nephew from meters away. Poor fellow, he must had been rejected by many kids.

We are Best Friends and We High Five!
And that's the reason why I think kids are the happiest person in Disneyland!

Marie the Aristocat
I'm so happy to meet my favorite cat in DisneySea! I wonder why I missed getting a picture with her.


Soda Popcorn Cart

DisneySea Drink Cart
We bought the Micky Mouse and Duffy Bear straw to go with our drinks. The drinks are packaged specifically for Disney - they had the Disney logo on the drinks and also fit the Disney bottle.

And we head to Mysterious Island for a ride of 200,000 Leagues under the Sea

Journey to the Center of the Earth
This is the next attraction we went and one of my favorite rides. We waited 40 minutes for the ride (which we later discover it's considerably shorter compared to the usual 1.5 hour long wait). It's quite thrilling with high speed roller coaster and a minute fall down a dark tunnel. Definitely not to be missed if you are into thrilling rides.

Underground Laboratories
While waiting for our ride to the enter of the world, we past by what resemble a dimly lit ancient looking science laboratory!

You know you are closer to starting your journey once you boarded these lifts.

Some pics as we walked to Port Discovery and join the StormRider cruise!


Arabian Coast

Magic Carpet Ride

Aladdin's best friend - Abu!

He is so funny! He really makes everyone laugh with his mischievous antics - including using my nephew blanket to wipe its armpit before returning the blanket to my nephew by putting it on his head.

To be continued!


Thursday, November 27, 2014

USA, November 2014 - A Week in San Francisco

One of my dreams is to travel around the world. Experiencing life in different part of the world is one way to keep me inspired and energized and I'm pretty blessed to have the chance to go to USA for a short work trip. 

I'm extremely thankful for the fantastic travel companions I'm with throughout the trip - they know the place well, shared the same shopaholic enthusiasm to shop til 11pm even after 8 hours at work for the whole week, love trying new things and going new places, new restaurants and (gasp!) likes supermarkets like me and have extraordinary healthy appetites! 

I missed out on bringing my digital camera for this trip but happy times should be recorded. This is my first view of San Francisco that makes the 18 hour flight all worthwhile.

Glorious Sunset of Golden Gate Bridge, SFO

Night View of Golden Gate Bridge

This place serves the best root beer float ever - I'm simply love it. Their grills are pretty good too and even the non-lamb lover like me like their lamb chops. 

Small Town
Loving the clear blue sky that's not that common on the side of the earth closer to the equator.

Target & Walmart / Costco & Sam's Club
Supermarket shopping is one of my lesser known hobbies. The regular supermarket chain like Target and Walmart are a dream to shop in and they are huge by Singapore standard. Costco and Sam's club are the biggest and membership only wholesale retail warehouse clubs for bulk purchases. Haagen Dazs are easly half the price than Singapore and so are their wine. Sutter Home's moscato wine in mini bottles are my fave and it's sorta surprising that I get checked for my age when I purchase alcohol.

Drugstore Section of Target  
Even their cosmetics sections are at least 2 alleys wide ad this is the first alley! Just like my caption in Instagram says - let the shopping begin!

My Energy Source for the Week
I'm not much of a breakfast person and the energy bars keep me going til lunch. My favorite breakfast for my trip is the strawberry yoghurt parfait which I will definitely help myself to one if it's not sold out at the breakfast counter.

In-N-Out Double Double Burger
We checked out the famous In-N-Out burger and the meatiest double double burger and I simply love their burgers! The bun are freshly made and is so soft and their burger patty is moist and juicy. Yes, I finished the whole double double burger myself. The fries are shelved, cutted and fried out of whole potato in the outlet itself and pretty fresh but sorry, ain't no stomach room for them!

The Cheesecake Factory
I really love cheesecakes and it's another happy coincidence that my colleagues loves them as well. Cheesecake factory has a good variety of cheesecakes (think I counted at least 20) along with main course and I love their Tiramisu cheesecake and Red Velvet cheesecakes! The Godiva cheesecake taste like cream chocolates and is heavenly too but I'm still a purist when it comes to cheesecake - it needs to taste cheesy!

Sunset Around The Bay
I love everything about the place - from the misty vibes as our car is approaching the area (kinda Twilight-ish) to the the sea view around the bay from the offices to and the wild turkey roaming around the area. It's the most scenic HQ that anyone can ever ask for. 

The Dead Fish Restaurant
The only restaurant that I am interested to visit is the Dead Fish restaurant solely due to it's name and that I heard great reviews from a few colleagues on separate occasions. They sells dead fish and other dead things.

The Dead Fish Story

Other Dead Things

Serene Night View
One thing I didn't know beforehand was how lovely the view in the restaurant is. The restaurant is located just beside Carquinez bridge and faces the San Pablo bay.

Dungeness Crab at The Dead Fish Restaurant
Check out the famous local crab dish, look at how big it is!

Shopping Mall
In between everything, we managed to check out the nearest shopping mall more than a couple of times.

Lucille's Ribs
BBQ is the main specialty of the restaurant. Check out the generous portions again. 

Kohl's / Marshalls & Outlet Shopping
And probably a few other outlets that I couldn't remember their names off hand. in one of the outlets, I scored a Juicy Couture super soft black skinny jeans for USD40 while it's retailing at USD128. Gap, Abercombie & Fitch and Kate Spade are easily close 50% off their local retail selling price. If it's a personal vacation I can imagine that 2 x 25kg check in luggage will never be enough. 

Robert W. Crown Memorial State Beach
We went there on our last evening after dinner with K's lovely children at East Ocean Chinese Seafood to just enjoy the sand, stars and sea breeze. It's pretty dark and we could hardly see the sea but here it is - pictures send to me to update me. I couldn't be more fortunate to have met the lovely Kendall & Max - they are so adorable and sweet and I wish I have more time with them! I'm so missing them already!

More Sunsets
Ending my post with 2 sunset pictures of the Bay area. Thanks for making me feel welcome like a family member in the States.

And last but not least, so thankful for my family and my sweetest friends for making Birthday month even sweeter. 

Wealth is the ability to fully experience life.
― Henry David Thoreau

November is a pretty awesome month for me and I can't wait for Xmas!