Saturday, July 26, 2014

Korean Fried Chicken at Chicken Up

In between cities and life - Bestie & I still manage to find sometime to meet up in town to catch up.

What is the next best thing after a session of good old karaoke? We decided to look for Korean fried chicken and beer and we found Chicken Up.

Chicken Up Korean Style Chicken Specialty Shop

We opt for their fried chicken buffet which is $25+ per pax (free-flow fried chicken and sides with some exclusions such as the Suicide Chicken and leek chicken) and ordered their seasonal specialty - the watermelon soju.

Truffle Fries
The truffles fries, noodles and salad are part of the buffet. I love their truffle fries, it's a must try!

Soya Chicken 
The soya chicken are our favorites! Two thumbs up! They are only available in wings only but definitely no complains from us. Highly recommended!

Spicy Up 
The spicy version of traditional fried chicken but better with the exception of smooth tender meat in a thin crispy coat of batter. My second favorite!

YangNyum Chicken

The popular Korean delivery fried chicken completed with sweet and spicy ketchup sauce.

This is Egg's favorite and she literally finish the whole bowl consisting of smooth rice vermicelli-like noodles, Korean rice cake and chicken in a clear and spicy broth - spot the chilli seeds in the broth?

Watermelon Soju
Remember the part where we are looking for fried chicken and beer? It's all forgotten the moment we step into the restaurant and saw the number of watermelon soju cocktails in the tables. The watermelon soju is part of their seasonal offering and definitely a must try. According to the waitress, some customers feedback that they couldn't taste the soju and therefore the waitress will pour the soju in front of the guest while serving this cocktail. One big halve of a watermelon served to you with smokin' dry ice, watermelon juice and soju = nice!

Picture Collate
Done by Egg as usual. We didn't make an appointment thinking that we are real early for dinner time and have to wait around 15 mins for a table - needless say, we indulge in one of our favorite past time.

Overall, the service is good and the servers are friendly and prompt although we have to wait for our Soya chicken from the kitchen during the peak dinner time.

Chicken Up is located at 48 Tanjong Pagar Road #01-01. They operates from 5.30pm - 12.00am. Reservations are recommended. Tel: 6327 1203.


Thursday, July 24, 2014

Taiwan Trip, Feb 2014 - Taipei RaoHe Night Market & Ximending & Westgate Hotel

If there's only one evening in any part of Taiwan, I will definitely go to one of night markets to soak in the unbeatable atmosphere. This time round, our first night market in Taipei is Rao He Night Market.

Rao He Night Market
The bright and hard to miss entrance of the Rao He Night Market. It was a Saturday night and very crowded. The crowd livens up the night market atmosphere (I've been to the same night market twice before when it's more quieter and it just feels a tad quiet) but on the other hand, it's so hard to walk through them.

Frying Milk
The first snack we have is frying milk or fried milk balls. It seems to be cooked the same way as the fried sweet potato balls and somehow, the dough cubes will expand to a ball shape during frying. #obviously-i'm-not-quite-a-cook. Its sweet and nice!

Golden Roasted Corn

Roasted Scallop

Cutesy Cakes
Cake stalls in night market seems to be a norm. Not too sure how it taste but my nephew happily munch on his square cupcakes.

Famous Pepper Cakes

Westgate Hotel Ximending

Hotel Room
A quick snap of our hotel room before we gather to my bro's room to have dinner together and then head out to shop again. The hotel is very new and it's located 3 minute from Ximen Station Exit 6 (aka the main exit to Ximending). It's a surprise to receive pineapple cakes as a welcome gift in the room.

Dinner Time!
We ordered a takeaway of our favorite Lu Rou Fan from Farmosa Zhang outlet near Wu Fen Pu with braised meat, eggs, soup and also snacks from Rao He night market like the cheese scallop, BBQ corn and Pepper pastry.

And we spend our next free day going to our old haunts in Taipei such as Zhongxiao Dun Hua for Ding Tai Fung, Taipei Main Station underground shopping area, Shilin Night Market and around Ximending!

Eat. Shop. Eat. at Xi Men Ding

JSP Breakfast Stall 
Although we have free breakfast in the hotel, it wasn't anything extraordinary and we decided to beat the breakfast crowd and went out to pack some good old traditional Taiwanese breakfast from the JSP breakfast stall for the family. Think plenty of crepes (蛋饼) with pork cutlet, ham or cheese, hash browns, soya bean milk (豆浆) and rice milk (米浆).

Tai He Pastry Shop (太和 )
This is my must buy every time I went to Taiwan. I especially love the sun biscuits from this bakery at Ximending in Taipei which has a sweet malt taste and a crispy golden crust (some crust of the sun biscuits are just flour-ish, and I like mine crispy). Highly recommended! To get there, turn left from Ximen Exit 6 and walk straight for approx 5 minutes.

Ah Zhong Mian Xian
The famous stall in Ximending for many years. and also our lunch before we head to airport

Toasted Mochi at Ximending
We absolutely love them! Warm, soft and sweet. I love their caramel and evaporated milk mochi. Word of advice? Try it if you see it. I'm simply drooling now.

With this post, my Taipei 2014 escapades had come to an end.

See you again soon Taiwan!


Saturday, July 19, 2014

Taiwan Trip, Feb 2014 - Taipei Shifen Old Street

Shifen is famous for their waterfalls and sky lanterns. 

This time round, we go to Shifen to try out the sky lantern experience. Shifen is an old street in Pingxi with rows of old looking traditional s
hop houses adjacent to the ancient looking railway track. There are many shops selling colorful sky lanterns with free photo & video taking services with your devices (smart phones, tablets or cameras)

I must say that this is a pretty unique experience, after all it's not everywhere, especially not on a railway track, that you can write and draw your wishes in colorful sky lanterns and legally set it off to the sky - along with others before and after you. Here you get a whole street of dreams, wishes and aspirations of people from all over the world. 

Ready for a trip down my memory lane? 

Shifen Old Street
And the rows of old shop houses along the railway track.

走味的咖啡 Cafe
A cafe promising coffee that lost it's scent. OK, it definitely sound more nostalgic or poetic in mandarin compared to my less-than-poetic english translation.

Sky Lanterns of Wishes & Dreams...
A sneak peak into the wishes and dreams of all the good and creative people from all around the world. I saw a Japanese tourist drawing a Ultraman character on his sky lantern.  On the other hand, these sky lanterns remind me of the Taiwanese movie  - You are the Apple of My Eye (那些年,我们一起追的女孩).

Interpreting Colors in Rainbows
There's a meaning for each color for the sky lanterns. A tip - choose a 4 colored combi and most likely your wishes are covered. haha!

Let the drawing begins
This is one side of our wishes, before my nephew adds his masterpiece calligraphy to them as tall as his height permits.  Haha! It's definitely quite fun especially if you are racing along with an inspiring artist and the wind against the darkening sky that's threatening to rain (but it didn't). Definitely memorable experience =)

Fly To the Sky
That's not our lantern as you can see from the lack of artistic calligraphy. But you get the drift.

JingAn Hanging Bridge
One end of the old street of Shifen is the JingAn hanging bridge which leads to the residential side of Shifen village.

Bye Shifen - I'll be back next time with new wishes and also for the scenic Shifen waterfall!

Now, we need to get back to the Taipei city for some night market action!