Saturday, June 28, 2014

Taiwan Trip, Feb 2014 - Cingjing Green Green Grassland (清静农场)

After a good night of rest in the quiet and peaceful Misty Ville in the highland in Cingjing, we proceed to Green Green Grassland ((清静农场).

Green Green Grassland
Welcome to the clear skies of the Cingjing Farm!

Cherry Blossoms
One of the first thing I notice is the rows of cherry blossom trees as we follow the crowd to view the sheep show. According to our driver, we are slightly late for the cherry blossom bloom in Cingjing (and there may still be some blooming cherry blossom trees in Taipei near Danshui) but better late than never. Next year I'll be earlier!

Selfie Time!

Sheep Herding Show

It's pretty sunny - so hoodies, sun glasses and sunscreen are highly recommended!

Sheep Feeding
Nephew Jlk is feeding the sheeps and he's not scared at all. Well done boy!

More Sheeps!
It's quite sunny that I starting to feel warm for them. Haha!

Spring Time at Cingjing Green Grassland

Snack Time
And next we exit the farm and walk into one of their food street market and snack a little before our lunch.

Pork Sausage with variety of toppings

Guess The Fruit
We spot this fruit that looks like an imaginary dinosaur egg but we didn't try. We did try one of their giant pears and it taste soo sweet and juicy!

Have a great weekend folks!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Taiwan Trip, Feb 2014 - Carton King (纸箱王)& Cingjing Minsu Misty Ville

After filling our tummies with mushrooms and yam desserts we proceed to Carton King (纸箱王)in Sinshe. True to it's name, almost everything in the theme park is made out of (corrugated) paper. There is another Carton King shop and restaurant in Cingjing which is a scale down version of it's main theme village.

Carton King (纸箱王)
The wind mill entrance of Carton King. My little niece is so excited to see wind mills!

Garden of WindMills
Even more windmills! Blow Wind Blow!

Paper Zoo
Soon we step into the paper zoo.

City of Papers 
Can you guess the famous landmarks?

This structure seemed to be leaning too close.

More structures

Shopping Time!
Part of the NT200 entrance fee can be used on purchase of items in their shop.

Magic Paper Tree

Paper Lights

Musical Boxes 

Misty Ville at Cingjing
And it's getting late and very cold and we decided to end the day and head to our guesthouse at Cingjing! We checked into Misty Ville in time to enjoy our dinner and head down to the convenient stalls to get some snacks and drinks and basically lounge around for the night with wifi. I didn't take any picture of the room somehow but let me look through photos of my previous trip and fill it in because I gotten the same room. We booked their family suite with additional bed for my nephew. Their deluxe rooms or suite came with free dinner which is a sumptuous meal with 6 dishes and fruits. According to the owner, they grew the vegetables in their garden and the veggies taste really sweet!

Electric Room Heater