Monday, March 31, 2014

Seafood Paradise at Changi Airport Terminal 2

Until recently, I didn't realized that there's Seafood Paradise in Changi Airport Terminal 2 until W told me. My memory of Seafood Paradise stops at Defu lane and Singapore flyer. Haha.. Guess I maybe one of the last few people to know but hey, it's actually a very good idea to have a live seafood restaurant in Singapore Changi Airport - hungry Singaporeans or tourists alike can enjoy our local seafood cravings before their flight out of Singapore or the moment they get back to our sunny island.

When Bro went on his Biz trip last month, we decided to head down for dinner before his flight out.

Signature Creamy Butter Crab with Mantou
This is my motivation for the dinner - crab! We got the 1+kg crab and their fresh were so firm and succulent! I was initially concerned that the creamy butter batter may taste too oily for my taste (it sound so from its Chinese pronunciation) but it's so deliciously fragrant that we couldn't stop dipping our fried buns into the sweet and smooth crab batter. In fact I would certainly re-order again if I were to re-visit Seafood Paradise. Highly recommended!

Cereal Prawn
This is my second favorite! I love the lightly spiced and fried cereal flakes with crunchy big prawns. We ordered the small size dish since our main dish is the crab and I think it only have 6 prawns.

Crispy Roast Chicken
This is not bad. It's a tad too saltish (and kinda reminds me of Tongdak which we had in Korea Myeongdong) but still very satisfying.

Sambal KangKong
This is one of my favorite Zhi Char vegetable dish and a must try local dish. A well executed dish, as usual.

Fried Noodles & Seafood Supreme Fried Rice
The noodles are mainly for my nephew but I really enjoy the Seafood Supreme fried rice that's evenly coated with egg and prawn roe with every bite.

We ordered dessert to share- double boiled hashimas with longan.

Overall, we are very satisfied with our meal. Customer service is prompt and staff are attentive.

Seafood Paradise is located at
Changi Airport Terminal 2, Departure Check-in Hall Level 3 (Public)
Opening Hours: 10.30am - 11.00pm

Reservations are strongly encouraged especially during dinner time.

And now.., I'm really craving for crab after this post.

Thanks for reading!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Instagram Pics Vol. 10

I'm back! Feb & March just swept past in a whirlpool and I'm sorta enjoying it.  

And.. before I try to divert from the topic by starting on the Divergent trilogy (which seem to be a Hunger game alike novel), I must admit that 是的,我也中了星星的毒...

Love from the Star (来自星星的你)
I totally enjoy this show - it's a fast paced romance comedy, with some suspense that make the plot intriguing (why didn't the lead went back to his planet?), fantasy (alien, uh) and also the good looking leads - Kim Soo Hyun looks effortlessly stylish in every scene and Jun Ji Hyun look picture perfect in every scene with her perfect rendition of the flawed and adorable diva Cheon Song Yi.

One evidence of my obsession with this show is my current playlist of the moment - the official OST for Love from The Star which I downloaded from iTunes. Their accompaniment pieces like Waltz with the Stars is great on its own too.

The next evidence is how I choose spend my afternoon in a hair saloon. Couldn't resist not playing with the cute Do Manager and Cheon Song Yi stickers and started reading on the Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane by Kate DiCamillo (which is a nice read).

Pink Leopard Spots 
My latest nail art is right in sync with my current obsession with cherry blossoms - think baby pink and cherry pink and of course, the leopard spots.

GD, Taeyang and Seungri Thinking of You Fan Meet
I've seen Big Bang's live performances and I do think Big Bang have really talented entertainers but how about is a fan meet (minus 2 members) in a typical concert venue like Singapore Indoor Stadium? As it turns out, each member perform their hit singles, chat and played games with their fans (fancy being dressed up by GD on stage to be cute?). Not surprisingly, the fans are all so star struck that they appear to be in shock on the mega screen. Surprisingly, Taeyang seem more quiet and reserved than GD (who seem more at ease than his previous solo concert in Singapore) while Seungri is the really chatty and know how to lighten up the atmosphere.

FT Island FTHX 6th Anniversary Concert
I missed the previous FT island concert because I was in Batam (duh, I have no idea why I remember such details) and I'm so glad not to miss this. No fancy costume changes but good rock music and somehow I wish they would perform more songs rock songs. haha!

Workplace Snacks Cheers  
I never considered my bro to be a shopper until he brought back one full 20kg luggage filled with Ferraro and Ritter Sport chocolates from Germany. My expressive nephew keep on exclaiming - wow, wow, wow at the piles of chocolates and bro let me choose the chocs I want. Sweetest Egg knows my coffee addiction best and brought Vietnam coffee, hot chocolates and sweets and also Korean tteokbokki snacks. Feeling utterly blessed!

Bestie at EWF
Surprisingly, the cafe (EWF stands for Everything with Fries) have really nice desserts - Nutella Tart with a scoop of vanilla ice cream rocks. Or maybe everything with friend is good. Haha.. Earl Grey Float and Coke Float completes the lazy Sunday evening.

Short getaway to Bangkok
This is taken on our last night in Bangkok while Rain and I were packing our luggage. We thought that we had more than enough days for shopping and relaxing trip in Bangkok but still we feel that it ends too fast. So missing the friendly and funny folks, yummy food, crazy shopping and massage! How how? Maybe beer and fried chicken next?

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away - Maya Angelou


Monday, March 17, 2014

Let's talk Beauty - Integrate by Shiseido Mineral Watery Foundation Review

Integrate by Shiseido is another sub-line of drugstore brand cosmetics under the Shiseido Group (just like Majolica Majorca)

When I was in Taipei a couple of weeks ago, the drugstores (Cosmed and Watsons) are actively promoting it's new Mineral Watery Foundation - which comes in an adorable heart shape bottle and promise to be an all in one multitasker (from toner, moisturizer, makeup base, sunscreen and foundation) which you can use immediately after washing your face.

In drugstores with testers for this product, this foundation is sold out, whereas in drugstores without testers, they are still available. Needless say, I grab this latest gem in Watsons at Shilin Night Market when I chance upon stock for it.

According to it's Chinese description - the Integrate mineral watery foundation is free of paraben, preservatives, fragrance and non-comedogenic. It also offer skin illuminating effect with coverage on pores. More information on Shiseido Integrate Taiwan

Texture: Watery
Shades: Available in 3 shades - OC00, OC10, OC20.
Price: NT380 for 30ml

So now - my 2 cents review:

I found myself reaching for this product every morning since I started on it. It is hydrating, lightweight, easy to blend with a watery texture (it is as lightweight and watery as my favorite RMK liquid foundation (still not as finely milled) , not those silicone-y texture), light to medium coverage which is easily build-able, comes with SPF25 PA++ and basically fits my criteria for an all-in-one product (and generally I'm not a fan of many multi-tasking bb cream due to it's thick texture).

It has a skin like (my natural skin but watery) finish on its own that's extremely forgiving to dry spots but still hide pores and provide a hydrating finish. I do dust on some loose powder (by habit and also by Singapore's dry and humid weather) and it holds through on my oily t-zone throughout the day and lasted the whole day without oxidation.  I got a exact shade match in OC00 which is perfect (I'm probably a Mac foundation NC15 to NC20).

In fact, I would probably class this multi-tasker as the emergency skin fix in an acute appendicitis emergency (ala a Cheon Song Yi moment)

And a super tip - this foundation photographs nicely. *winks*

That's all lovelies! Thanks for reading!

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Ramen Bari Uma at Tanglin Shopping Center

As part of our continuous hunt for good ramen, Egg discovered Bari Uma located in the quiet basement of Tanglin Mall and off we went to check out the place.

This turn out to be a hidden gem - we ordered their signature ramen - Ajitama-uma and we are instantly a fan of their richly flavored pork based soup.

It's describe as a pork flavored soup base with Shoyu and thick cutted flamed Chashu. This is their strongest tasting broth ramen dish which makes a good complement to their chewy springy ramen. The melt-in-your-mouth chashu is a perfect complement to the soup base. Highly recommended! If a strong rich broth is not to your taste, there is a lighter broth ramen too. However, I would say - definitely try the original first.

Negi-Mayo Gyoza
What is ramen meal without good old side order of gyoza? We were feeling adventurous and ordered their Negi-Mayo Gyoza which is sweet and slightly spicy variation of their gyoza offering. We saw Teriyaki gyoza in their menu too which we will probably try next time.

Ramen Bari Uma is at Tanglin Shopping Center Basement 1 and operates from 11.30am to 10pm.

Thanks for reading!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Instagram Pics Vol. 9

It's been a long hiatus! To be honest, it's not easy to start on this post but Xmas and Chinese New Year (CNY) are a my favorite "seasons" in Singapore. I wouldn't want to miss out collecting any memories. It's a great time to catch up with everyone close to my heart (even if it's just a whatsapp). <3

NOX - Xmas Dining in the Dark
Unknown is scary. Unable to see makes one feel helpless. But thanks to the lovelies it's not scary to dine in the dark and only 3 words - fun, laughter and delicious. And I'm proud to say that we make it through the pitch-black dinner without spilling food or wine all over our dresses (or face). We were led to the dark dining area and served by visually impaired waitor who give us instruction on how to start each course. It's truly a memorable and enlightening Xmas celebration. 

The Snowman
I was still frozen and far from getting over the funny snowman Olaf when this super large snowman arrived in office. Ok, it's not ginormous but it's close to 1 metre tall and certainly liven up the atmosphere!

Xmas Brunch with Bestie @ Bistro Du Vin
Somehow, french food, xmas and bestie seems to go hand in hand, isn't it? This pan seared foie gras from Bistro du Vin taste super good. I'm not too sure why but somehow this is the only dish that I remember vividly. Haha.. Looks like a revisit is a must.

Cupcake Fight
Countdown to the new year with my family. Imagine trying to fight with my tenacious 3 year old nephew for the my favorite cupcake even though I bought two? Somehow the 3 year old always win.

Mayday 15th Anniversary Best Collection (from 1999-2014)
This is my latest CD collection as this album was not available in the iTunes store at the time when I bought it. Mayday had been around since my teens years (and the best testimonials are the number of friends on FB checking in to the concert) but I am only a recent fan after I went for it's 2013 concert. Love their rock ballads, touching lyrics and latest song 步步! 

Family Delight
Nothing beats Mummy's pot of our new year staple soup. Despite it's normal look, this soup is ultra sweet and this lettuce (also the same used to make kimchi) is only available in the winter cny period. Bro bought abalone and clams, sis-in-law whip out her topshell dish and I DIY-ed the Yusheng for the first time with lotsa salmon sashimi! 

New Toy
After deliberating for a few months, trying to tell myself I don't need another Ipad (be sensible?!), I finally caved in and bought the new Ipad Air and pink cover during the CNY holiday san any form of discount. While I'm at it go for a massage session. Retail therapy. feels. good.   

Gathering at Fat Boys Thomson
Met up with the fun-loving ex-collies and it feels like nothing has change except the dining place. Food is so-so but jokes and laughter are aplenty. Rapport is a funny thing - it may be instantaneous or more often, took time to build up and I'm glad that time doesn't take the away the great rapport the group shares. 

Life is “give and take.” Give thanks and take nothing for granted.