Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Goodbye 2014, Hello 2015!

2014 passed by in a blink of the eye and I'm extremely thankful for many good people, memorable events, lovely things and new exciting experiences and getting my own place! =)

Time seems to run so fast this year, and 24 hours isn't enough. Haha, my blog is still documenting my May'14 trip to Japan because it's a fantastic trip and I have 2.3K of pictures to sort through before I post and it still brings back many happy memories everything I review this little blog-diary of mine. And these 2.3K pictures are what that entertain my 2 year old niece for months whenever she gets her hands on my mum's Ipad during milk time. And I have quite a few beauty products to ramble on. I hope to keep up more with my posts in 2015.  

So much so for my reflections on the whole year. What's my new year resolution? I want to continue to travel more, live more, be more healthy, learn more, spend more time with the people I love, earn more, dream more, achieve more and blog more in the upcoming new year! I also hope that the year 2015 will be a more peaceful one than before, and filled with more happiness to spread around the globe. Happier & More! 

I am so looking forward to my a short getaway to the Land of Smiles next month with my lovelies and more more adventures with le BFF. 

Cheers to a Great 2015!


Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Tokyo Trip, May 2014 - Breakfast at Caffe Veloce Shinjuku

After several days of Krispy Kreme donuts as breakfasts as we conquer DisneyLand and DisneySea respectively, we found ourselves looking forward to other breakfast choices.

We decide to grab a bite at Caffe Veloce located 2 minutes away from our hotel (mainly for the kiddos) before we start our exploration in other parts of Tokyo - which is Harajuku per my plan.

Caffe Veloce
Their soft cream range of iced drinks looks good but we didn't try them because it's too early in the day. Upon entering the cafe we found their offering of sandwiches, bread and cakes to be quite limited, but still good enough.

Think lots of high chair, bright lights, and quiet cafe. I can imagine that it's a good place to chill with your book or tablet.

Green Tea Latte & Sandwiches
We ordered their iced coffee, iced green tea latte and sandwiches. I love the green tea latte! To be honest, I expected the sandwiches (which are placed in a chiller display) to be hard or dry but surprisingly, they taste fresh and soft.

Their prices are affordable too (considering Japan standard or comparing to the regular Starbucks) - the  drinks cost 270 yen (SGD$3) and the sandwiches are slightly less. It's a good place to grab a bite and rest your legs while you people watch.

Next, we set off to Harajuku!

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Tokyo Trip, May 2014 - Sushi Go-Round near Shinjuku Station

Trust me - never miss trying out on the local sushi when you are in Japan even if it's just from a normal looking sushi shop around the corner.

Based on good faith from our tattered black & white paper map on "Food Recommendation around Shinjuku map" that we got from Sunroute Plaza Shinjuku and the conviction that we must have a sushi meal, we narrow down to the nearest sushi shop from our hotel and make the way there for supper.

Sushi Go-Round 
It's a small, narrow, no-frill non ostentatious conveyor belt sushi shop located just across the traffic light from Shinjuku train station to the hotel that we pass by daily. The clientele are mostly locals who walked in, had their meal and walked out in probably within 10-15 minutes.

Conveyor Belt
Just grab a empty seat and choose a sushi on the conveyor belt or just order one from the menu.

The Menu
Thankfully the menu is also available in English and we don't need to order based on my limited Japanese language literacy. haha!

We can just scoop the amount of sencha (green tea) powder we want and add hot water to it.

Japanese Pickled Ginger
This is usually not my favorite in Singapore but they taste so much fresher and nicer in Japan.

Let's Tuck In Now!

Salmon Sushi
This is my first dish and a safe dish since I'm a salmon lover. The salmon is very fresh! Look at the proportion of the fish slice to the ball of rice - there are more fish than rice. Another thing that is different from Singapore is that wasabi are already added to the sushi when they are served.

Fatty Salmon
Or so I think. We were feeling quite adventurous.

Tuna Sushi
Another observation - tuna seem to be the more popular sushi for the regular Japanese diners.

Salmon Roe Sushi

Unagi Sushi
This is probably the only (or small) selection for cooked fish sushi and we order this for my mother. My mother, who usually don't take sushi with raw fish in Singapore, eventually caved in and also try the raw fish and she like them!

Sea Urchin
This is one of our adventure try. I'm not too sure how to describe it but it feels soft and creamy.

Another Adventure Try

Sushi Plates
For supper for 3 person and we are so full after which. It also very economically priced and cost us less than SGD30 and we feel that it's extremely worth it especially for the amount of food and freshness. In fact, we went back again for supper for the rest of our trip but unfortunately it's closed at 10pm and we didn't manage to catch it again.  Perhaps next time!

Thanks for reading!

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Tokyo Trip, May 2014 - DisneySea Part 2 (Mermaid Lagoon & Finding Shellie May)

After roaming around the Aladdin's Arabian Coast and shaking hands with the mischievous Abu in my previous post, we went off in search for lunch and wander into Mermaid Lagoon.

Mermaid Lagoon

Triton's Kingdom
We spend some time in Triton's Kingdom because it's raining when we finished our meals and the kiddos love the place. 

Make way for His Royalty

Under the Sea


Menu on Display

Clam Burger & Sides

Seafood Japanese Style Pizza

My nephew headed straight for the dessert - swiss roll with some creme and a nice oyster cake presentation.

Little Mermaid Theme Merchandise Store
They had Little Mermaid exclusive soft toys here too - something I didn't see around other stores in the theme park.

Blower fish Balloon Race
Flying pigs? No, it's just flying blow fish floating merrily around.

Jumping Jelly Fish
The jelly fish are more bobbing up and down in a slow-mo under the sea kind of way.

The Whirlpool
And if the yellow lights didn't make you feel dizzy, this whirlpool will. Haha!

Flounder's Flying Fish Coaster
Next we sail outdoor for a coaster ride. The rain had stopped and I am quite happy to be outdoor!

Then we walked to American Waterfront to look for Shellie May, the blue eyed pink brown girlfriend of Duffy Bear.

Duffy & Shellie May

Shelly May Plushie
I'm so in love with the Shelly May plushie - from her light pink brown fur, mickey paws to blue eyes and eyelashes. I got the smaller plushie in the second row but upon reflection I need to get the biggest one home

Duffy Bear & Shelly May Candies
Even the candies look so kawaii! Great gifts for kids!

Walking around American Waterfront

Milk Tea Popcorn 
This is where I bought the milk tea flavored popcorn. I love the Duffy Bear basket popcorn holder!

Wandering Around

Mickey & Minnie Spring Parade
And looks like Shelley May and Duffy behind.

Mickey Shaped Churros
There are 2 flavors and we like the cinnamon sugar flavored one best. Honestly, nothing beats snacking on a warm churros as you walk down the streets. You feel like a happy 5 year old again. Haha!


Dinner Time
And we had our dinner at the Disneysea Italian (fastfood) style restaurant that serves a generous serving of food. Disney's plate not included.  

Thanks for reading!