Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Au Chocolat Bistro Marina Bay Sands - Another Revisit

As part of our gourmet hunt for the best duck confit in Singapore, BFF and I check out Au Chocolat Bistro over dinner after work. 

Duck Confit 
A popular classic with an Au Chocolat twist, pan roasted duck thigh served with potato mash, a white wine poached pear and topped off with a tangy chocolate sauce. 

It's easy to guess why this is one of Au Chocolat's popular dishes - the duck meat is succulent while the crust of the skin is fried till both crispy and savory, which goes well with the mash potato and absolutely delightful with the white wine poached pear. Definitely a winner.

Foie Gras 
Au Chocolat is running a special Foie Gras promotion in September where this dish will cost $5 with any main course or entree ordered. Check out their facebook for details.   

Their foie gras was pan fried til crispy on one side while the fresh is soft, smooth and creamy. The baby tomatoes and sweetened berries are refreshing compliments to the dish. Generally, I do not like the taste of most liver - but foie gras definitely taste different from any liver served outside typically and I am very glad that I took the plunge and try it years back.   

Truffle Fries served with BBQ sauce and Mayonaise
Still the best truffle fries in Singapore in my opinion. Crispy, chunky fries with strong truffle taste.

Au Chocolat is located at level one of Marina Bay Sand Shoppes - above the skating rims. They serve a good mean weekend brunch too - check out my brunch review.

Au Chocolat Pte Ltd. 

Bay Level L1-03
The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands
2 Bayfront Avenue, Singapore 018956
BistroT +65 6688 7227 
F +65 6688 7266 
Confiseri T +65 6688 7557 
F +65 6688 7255

Opening Hours:
Daily 10.00am to 11.00pm (Last order at 10.30pm)

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Instagram Pics Vol. 7

In this volume there are only 2 topics - Plants vs Zombies and Hong Kong drama "冲上云霄 II".

OMG, I'm totally addicted to Plants vs Zombie 2! I already love the original PVZ so much that I paid full price twice for both the iPhone version and iPad HD version and I love that the developers release them now as a free download in App store and I'm able to link up to the Game Center and play from where I left off on any of my devices (which is not possible before for the original).

The nice cool weather didn't help much where most of the time I just want to snuggle under my soft blanket with my cup of matcha latte beside me and the PvZ 2, read or drama ( "冲上云霄 II" is one of the nicest drama recently). For once, Singapore is cool and rainy where summer is heating up everywhere else.  

No, I'm kidding about only the 2 topics. So now let's go to the pictures. 

It's another lovely catch up with the girls at MooJaa, another Thai Steamboat Mookata outlet in Singapore - yet another great recommendation by Rain. We enjoy dipping the fried fish skin in the soup, polishing off multiple servings of abalone slices and scallops and watching the-uncooperative-clams and chilling in 1819 nearby.

Home's Golden Phoenix Durian Mooncake 
Totally enjoying this golden sparkle durian moon cake recommended by bro. For Mid Autumn Festival this year, durian mooncake is the bomb - all of us love it - including my 3 year old nephew and 8 month old niece who gabbled in baby language for more. Super love <3 

Nail Art
This has to be one of my most simple yet favorite nail gel design since I just have an un-explainable love affair with white rainbow glitters that sparkles like water on lights - just like what my fascination with apple red nails.

People Watching
Another great place to catch up and people watch along with my favourite mentaiko pasta. 

Chilling at Coffee Beanstro 
Cheesecake and Double chocolate beside a Venetian inspired indoor water ledge.

Last but not least, sharing a nice Singaporean website that I just discovered --> Things we forget

Did you forget anything? =)

Have a great Mid Autumn Festival and great week ahead~ 

Monday, September 9, 2013

Easy Recipe - Starbucks Matcha Green Tea Latte

My idea of a good lazy weekend afternoon usually consists of sufficient sleep, a cup of green tea latte (iced/chilled/warm) with a good movie or read.

That's even better if I can beat the weekend Starbucks crowd, the sun and the rain and enjoy it without stepping out of the house.

Imagine my happiness when I spotted the Starbucks Match Powder in Taichung's Starbucks outlet last October in between my mad rush for caffeine while running to catch my coach to Taipei. Needless say, I stopped in my track, grabbed one and pay for it immediately along with my coffee.

Since then, thanks to my lovely BFF, I've gotten another replacement in April this year - which means that this product seems to be a regular (but fast moving) product in Taiwan's Starbucks.

Starbucks Matcha Powder

The directions are pretty simple:  Dissolve 3 tablespoon of the matcha powder (1 tablespoon = 7.2g) into 240ml of iced or warmed milk. Proportions may be adjusted according to personal preference.

The matcha powder are pre-mixed with sugar, so it taste sweet on its own. Personally, I like mine with 2 tablespoon of matcha powder mixed with a cup of Farmhouse Low Fat milk.

Best part of it, this refreshing drink has under 130 calories and matcha is packed with antioxidant while milk is packed with calcium.

Now that my current can is running out, One of my ex-colleague recommended the Green Tea Mix from Tea of Life which she discovered in the Singapore Expo food fair.

I shall update my review once I've tried it.

Do share with me if you have any green tea latte recipe and green tea mix recommendation (in particularly in Singapore)

Thanks for reading =)

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Jamie's Italian Singapore at Vivocity

Over a rainy weekday evening, Geo and I went to check out Jamie's Italian Singapore at Vivocity. It's located at level 1, near Sephora. Thankfully, we are still quite early and do not have to wait long for a table (one of my friend waited 1 hour for a table for dinner).

The restaurant has a laid back, casual dining atmosphere with lit candles on every table, which enhance the dining atmosphere.

Lemon and Basil Iced Tea
We order a jug of the lemon and basil iced tea per recommendation of the service staff. It's a tad sour but very refreshing.

Prawn Linguine
Our first dish is the prawn linguine in large size which comes in a flavorful garlic prawn base. Their pasta are made on site daily, which gives the pasta a nice chewy texture.

Jamie Italian Burger & Posh Chips
In case you are wondering, both the Jamie Italian burger and Posh Chips are separate ala cartes. Despite the presentation, the beef patty is tough and dry and the Posh Chips are very soggy fries with truffle oil and Parmesan cheese. Barely passable.

Tutti Frutti Lemon Meringue Pie 
We quite enjoy this cake. It's a nice combination of smooth and sweet meringue torch grilled on the top to get a caramel sweet crust served on top of zesty lemon base on a pie.

Ok, I admit, this is not the most appetizing presentation of a cake on the dining table. But one bite on to the Tiramisu and it's very good! Intensely rich coffee flavor with hint of rum and a dollop of mascarpone cheese drizzled with orange zest which gives the cake a refreshing twist to the melt in your mouth texture. Definitely recommended!

Overall, their customer service was good, the waitresses in our area are friendly and helpful when we manage to catch the attention of one. I would probably revisit them again if I'm around the area but I would most probably skip the mains and check out more of their Antipasti (appetizers) and their desserts - their affogato looks tempting!