Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Hatched - All Day Breakfast

I love eggs and I love brunch. In fact, I love having breakfast at any time of the day.

Needless say, I wanted to check out Hatched for all day breakfast since some time ago but never get to do it. And finally one fine lazy rainy Tuesday we made our way down to Holland Village during dinner. Hatched @ Holland V is located a minute walk from Holland Village station exit B.

Smoked Royale 
Cruise away with half a English muffin, topped with smoked salmon,  poached egg and Hollandiase sauce, served with home made mash
Poached eggs and smoked salmon are my favorites, and there's a version for poached egg with bacon too, if it rocked your taste buds. Their poached eggs are done just right, possibly one of the best I've tried and their home made mashed potatoes are surprisingly nice.

Beef Pot Pie 
Indulge in a tantalizing beef stew ladled into the bread pot, topped with scrambled eggs
It's so easy for most restaurant to go wrong with a beef stew in a bread pot combination - be it over cooked and tough textured beef or soggy or hard-as-a-rock bread. I'm glad to say this presentation by Hatched is a winner. The beef pot pie is overall warm and soft, while the beef are tender, juicy and moist, and topped with warm scrambled egg. It's simply perfect for the cold evening weather that day.

Iced Rose Latte & Iced Caramel Latte
The difference in the 2 lattes are the colored syrup flavoring at the bottom of the cup.

Ok, i know, its impossible not to be distracted by Egg's cutesy manicure =) 

The latte are a bit too weak for my taste though it's perfect for the evening especially if I don't want to blink like an nocturnal owl at 1.30am.

Have a great weekend  ~

Monday, August 26, 2013

Instagram Pics Vol. 6

It's super amazing good morning today after I completed and passed my exam for my certification course yesterday evening which is by the way, also results in the savings of "a branded bag, possibly in pink" - a courtesy sms reminder from my ex-manager a couple of days ago.

Gone are the long afternoons of revision and practicing the e-quizzes in my iPad in Paragon Starbucks for the time being. I much prefer to shop or people watch there yo =)

Canteen Food - Lemon Chicken Rice
Surprisingly, school's canteen food is quite good for a canteen standard before the canteen was closed down by NEA due to licensing issue (gasp!). I was growing to really like the school facilities and getting used to the travelling distance and late class dismissal near 10.20pm!

Hot Fries & Sticky Chewy Chocolate Milkshake
Nothing beats iced, smooth, creamy chocolate milkshake and crispy fries on a hot afternoon a day before exam. Super effective in blocking out serious exam blues as well - in fact, this lethal combination should block out any blues.

Kkongdong Korean BBQ with Milkis Drink
I checked out the new Korean style BBQ Kkongdong at the new Djitsun Mall branch in Ang Mo Kio. It's a reasonably priced, good value no frill Korean BBQ eatery (you gotta help yourself to the side dishes at the buffet counter but otherwise, your dishes are served to you). We ordered the beef and pork belly set and I enjoy the beef (I'm not really a fan of pork belly)- especially with the lettuce and bean paste. The layout and concept look like the BBQ restaurants I saw in Hongdae. On a side note, I am super happy to see my favourite Milkis (Korean's version of Calpis water).

Wonton Noodles
The newly opened neighborhood wantan mee stall and I'm totally addicted!

New Ip5 cover
Another twin phone cover with bestie. Super love the glittery pinks and I simply don't bear to use mine just yet. No price for guessing which pink I choose.

Strawberry Chocolate Cinnamon Biscuits 
A souvenir from dearest A in the most adorable cutesy packaging.

Lush's Big Blue Bath Bomb
This is the perfect beach holiday solution in a bath tub that turns the water into an amazing shade of turquoise with the ability transport you immediately to a idyllic setting of soothing waves and clear blue sky.

As described in Lush's website.

Peer over the side of the boat into the big blue

Watch the seaweed float by and feel the salt on your skin

Who needs a holiday when a bath can be this relaxing and refreshing?!
Need a holiday but don’t have the time? A soak in this is the next best thing. Lavender oil to relax, lemon oil to clear the mind and seaweed and sea salt to soften the skin – set yourself adrift for hours.

And last but not least, a picture I saw online and I'm simply reminded of my cutest niece. Simply cuteness overload!

L.I.V.E     Simply
L.O.V.E      Generously
C.A.R.E           Deeply
S.P.E.A.K           Kindly

Have a great week ahead!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Phuket Trip - July 2013, Day 3 (Island Hopping at Phi Phi-Maya-Bamboo-Khai Island)

On the 3rd morning we wake up early for our island hopping day tour. We booked the phi phi - bamboo - maya - khai island tour package from our hotel which include return pickup from our resort at 7.30am. It's advisable to get the tour package from hotel or a reputable agency because for our hotel, they offer a refund if it rains and the tour is cancelled. lesser hassle and they assured no overcrowding and unlimited, free flow of drinks on speedboat, good selection of fruits and food and customer service is indeed good. We booked the tour with Tropical Andaman Marine.

We gathered at the port and at our respective groups. Our tour guide of the day is a funny and friendly guy called Monday, and it happens that our tour is on a Monday. We were given a quick debrief, some photo taking, and also motion sickness medicine. 

First stop, we head to the bamboo island although it was initially planned to be in the afternoon as the tour guide do change the itinerary to avoid crowd. 

So on the speedboat, off we go!

Bamboo Island
This island literally hold our breath away! It felt like a small serene beach right in the middle of the sea.  

There's apparently 3G for our Thailand prepaid cards n bestie is insta-videoing the view.

Bamboo Island, Phuket

Video taken by Egg

Basically, i just awestruck and admiring the view. After a short stay, our speedboat to take us to the next destination. We will be back!

Hin Klang
We went there for snorkeling. No pics since I do not have a waterproof camera but the waves are pretty strong and very soon we are just up in the speed boat enjoying some lemonade.

Phi Phi island
We had our buffet lunch. The water was so choppy that my motion sickness medicine stop working just before lunch which I really puke badly. Thankfully, there's this thai salad bar on buffet and I was totally digging it.

I do hope I get the names of the upcoming islands right. We visited a few more places, but though enchanting, it isn't easy to differentiate some of the places for me. Let's just enjoy the pictures :) 

Viking Cave
The vikings were once master of the sea. Now in it's place is the swallow's bird nest empire. 

Monkey Beach
Reaching the monkey beach - where the monkey rules (and roam freely).

Loh Saman Bay
We didn't snorkel though we stop here to take a look. The water is so clear and sparkling that we can see the fishes swimming. Can you spot the fishes?

Pileh Cove / Maya Bay 
I'm not sure which is which but i totally definitely believe it when the tour guide say that this unique lagoon with warm crystal water inspired Hollywood producers to film here.

Khai Island 

Just chilling (at least for me) with some cold drinks and potato chips in the island. As usual, I suspect that my multitasking extraordinaire is insta-videoing the view.

After the tour, we return to the resort to rest for the evening and Egg is suddenly down with food poisoning. which she suspect is the lunch during the island hopping trip (which she ate heartily while I only had Thai salad and drumlets) while I suspect it's the mineral water we bought in the supermarket. The actual culprit was never identified but on Day 4, it was just a relaxing McD breakfast and some shopping in Jungceylong and Robinsons and an afternoon flight back home.

So here's me, enjoying a blizzard while waiting to board our flight.

This concludes the end of my Phuket trip. I'm so missing the place and I can't wait for our next trip!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Phuket Trip - July 2013, Day 2 (Pool Hopping & Massage)

After a good night of rest, we had our breakfast in the room. The delicious Mister Donut with my favourite mochi chewy strawberry pon de ring, Tom Yum noodles, and Meiji drink.

We had initially arranged for the shutter to go to Paradise beach but it was raining the night before and we decided to just stay in the resort. Luckily for us, the sky clear up and we check out the pools within the resort =)

Entrance to the Ocean View Pool
This turn out to be our favorite pool as it's relatively empty, face the beach, and have a cafe next to it.

Random pool shot at the risk of dropping our phones to the pool. Haha~

We had some smoothie and our lunch in the cafe beside the the pool.

The french fries are especially delicious after a swim! We order an extra plate.

Next we took the buggy and hop over to another pool in the resort. It's right in the middle of the resort, and much bigger than the ocean view pool. It's more packed as well, probably because it's closer to the rooms.

They have a few water slide, and this is the highest one.

On our way back to our room we went to collect our complimentary fruit.

So we decide to chill in the jacuzzi before we head out for the evening to Patong Beach again.

One of my favorite bath powder - from Japanese brand Bihada Ichizoku (美肌一族) which is amazing and I always stock it up whenever I go Taiwan. This is rose scent.

One packet to change the entire tub to milky white.

Enjoying our rose moscato in our lazy afternoon.

And fooling around with our lollipop donut before we have it for snack.

We head back for our massage again at Nium Massage & Spa at top level of Jungceylon Shopping center since it was the most easily accessible place. We opt for the aromatherapy massage and it cost less than S$50 for 2 hours.

We manage to find Number 6 restaurant which was recommended by one of my colleague and one of the taxi driver, which we went back to try them out in the evening. There's a 20 min queue to get into the restaurant and the restaurant is packed with tourists.

Phat Thai
Our favorite.

Curry Crab

Tom Yum soup

Fried Prawn with Chilli
The menu is slightly misleading, we thought we have deep fried prawn served with chilli paste (which we see one table ordering it) but it's actually stir fried. The customer on the  table next to us also ordered the same andwas surprised that it's stir fried.

Next, I will blog on our Phi Phi island hopping trip ~