Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Instagram Pics Vol. 5

I'm back~! Alright, I know this is a very long, overdue post.

In my defense, I was down with a wrong medicine saga which makes me really sick in bed. The silver linings is that I finally get to spend more time with my family, fussed over by mum like a kid, and get a good rest like I haven really done so for years (despite postponing appointments and missing lessons). <3

Nail Art 
Summery Paste bunnies this time round for summer and the vacation. What should I change to?

Ichiban Boshi's Wazen Sukiyaki 
This is a pleasant surprise find. Many time I've passed by the place but never think of trying since I thought it's the same as Ichiban Sushi. As it turns out, they are under the same parent company but the menu are way different with exception of the sushi menu (which I quite like). I especially fall in love this steamboat set, so O revisit them at JEM when I passed by. Thinly sliced sukiyaki with salmon sashimi, rice, fruit and miso soup. (P/s: Their sashimi is really good too)

Red Star Restaurant
A big part of the reason why I'm busy for half a year - farewell lunches (& BBQs). It's a fantastic recommendation by LG (who is a foodie and introduce De Burg burger) and their dimsum are quite good and the restaurant is even very packed during weekday lunch. I love their York custard bun, fried dumplings, roast duck and durian pudding!

OK Queer Band Chocolates
Another telepathic remedy from BFF. She pass me this one day after my painful Hep A & B combination vaccination jab and I didn't even tell her. God bless my sweetest BFF.

MayDay No Where Singapore Concert 2013
This is a fantastic concert. Great songs, great voice and touching lyrics. I developed a new found respect for lead vocalist Ah Shin for his lyrics writing talent.

G-Dragon One of a Kind (with guest stars 2NE1) Singapore concert 2013
We are quite lucky to get really close seats to the stage and G-Dragon is indeed a charismatic performer despite the language barrier. 2NE1 is pretty good and CL has a duet with GD and she is a.m.a.z.i.n.g.

Yankee Candles
After hearing about them in various Youtube channels, I finally found them in Singapore, Novena Square. They have a few outlets in Singapore too. Love these 3 scents though I'm still slightly paranoid that I will burn down the house.

New case for my beloved wittie after my nephew pick off some panda stickers. I love the engravings.

Baan Rim Pa
After a 2 hour flight, we arrive at Phuket and check out this restaurant with a beach view near our resort. Holiday Post coming up!

"She turned her can'ts into cans and her dreams into plans". -- Kobi Yamada


Thursday, July 11, 2013

La Petite Cuisine

I first discover La Petite Cuisine at Thomson through the recommendation of Beary who raved so much about their duck confit with such dreamy drooly expression that he lured my whole department's colleagues to go there to try the dish and effectively fill up the place.  This time round, I brought the BFF here =)

La Petite is an no-frill Parisian eatery that serves affordable quality french dishes. No frills = just walk in, find a table, place an order at the cashier and wait for your meal to be served.  Not that I mind though, I'm all for quality food and in fact enjoy the homely and super laid-back atmosphere.

Now to the food...

Prawn Bisque Soup
We start off with the piping hot and flavorful prawn bisque soup which we totally enjoy.

Confit de Canard with Gratin
This is their duck confit served with a choice of potato gratin or french fries. I love the marinated duck leg that was pan-fried to brown to give a moist and tender meat with a crispy outer crust. Perfect. And for sure the cheese baked potato is a perfect accompaniment to the dish.

Whenever I'm in the vicinity, I would certainly check out La Petite and I always order this dish or their seafood pasta

And on another not-so-relevant note, Salted Caramel is just across the road and it's a perfect dessert place to catch up and end the meal with.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Phuket Trip - Bamboo Island, July 2013

While I was busy soaking up the sun, enjoying the cool breeze and relaxing to the sound of the waves crashing into the shore, BFF (also known as the multitasking extraordinaire) is insta-video-graming the view.

Now, 24 hours after I'm back to Singapore, I can now look at this vid and imagine that I'm still in Phuket.

Bamboo Island, Phuket

Video taken by Egg

I can just laze in the beach there, the whole day.

I left my heart in the nice beaches in Phuket, for now..