Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Kasz Japanese Fusion Sushi

It started with a Ben & Jerry promo and a target to go to a quiet Ben & Jerry's outlet for my our ice cream fixes. So after a 20 minute drive, we reach Rochester Mall, hungry for lunch and we decide on Japanese at Kasz Japanese Fusion sushi.

Aburi Salmon Roll
We ordered this based on the service staff's recommendation and indeed we are very pleased with the recommendation. It reminds me of california roll wrapped with salmon sashimi which are fresh and half cooked (probably using the torch grilling method?). It's refreshing and definitely taste above average compared. highly recommended for salmon sashimi lover.

Kurobuta Tonkatsu 
We ordered the Kurobuta Tonkatsu since it's on their menu and promotion board outside the restaurant and not many Japanese restaurant offers it (Kurobuta = Black pig, which is highly prized in Japan for the tender meat and flavor and Tonkatsu means pork cutlet). The fried pork cutlet is very tender, not tough at all, and yet the batter is crispy and flakey. it's a delight when you taste it with the black sweet tonkatsu sauce.

Oyako Don
Oyako don (chicken & egg bowl) was a favorite of mine since my Singapore polytechnic's days. One of my pet peeves of oyako don in some of the japanese restaurant chain is that their chicken still has the frozen fridge smell after cooking which spoil the whole dish and so eventually i stop ordering this dish. However, the offering here is good - the chicken doesn't have that frozen food smell, and is tender and moist.

And no pic of the B&J ice cream but as usual, the chocolate brownie fudge is fantastic and the staff at Rochester are fun & jovial~

Sorry for my lack of updates, been really busy~! Be back soon for more updates after Seoul!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Tsukada Nojo's Bijin Nabe 美人锅 at Plaza Singapura

I have walked past Tsukada Nojo's at the new Plaza Singapura extension too many a time, and always mystified by the long weekend/dinner queue at 4+pm (before Tim Ho Wan opens at PS).

So this time round, while the queue are snaking by the metres at Tim Ho Wan, we pop over to Tsukada Nojo's for dinner.

Picture below shows the restaurant's recommended way to savor the chicken soup that's super rich in collagen and taste. Like all meals - don't worry and just tuck in. besides, the friendly service crew will be there to advice on how to enjoy the soup for the first few minutes.

I didn't take picture of the condiment that are there 4 in each table - Chilli Shoyu, Negi Ginger Oil, Yuzu Pepper and Red Chilli Oil. I enjoy the Yuzu sauce best, since it taste the most unique. The soup is quite rich so there's no need for much condiments in my opinion.

So this is how the collagen soup pudding looks like before it was heated up.

Minutes later

After the soup boil, the first step is to taste the soup and chicken to get the authentic taste before other ingredients were added.

Subsequently, the rest of the ingredients are add into the soup except for the prawns and yuzu slices (optional)

Endorsement = good!

And soon we tuck in into the milk colored steamboat.

At the end of the meal, the service crew gave us a "Assistant Manager" name card and told us that we will be promoted to "Manager" on our second visit there and be given free dessert... and from what I've read online, there are quite a number of "career development opportunities" available.  Haha.. It's pretty innovative, I would say.

Overall, I would greatly recommend this dish for people who like steamboat and chicken soup (collagen or not). Definitely be back for more.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Shiok Maki from Koh's Grill and Sushi Bar

The last I visited Koh's Grill and Sushi Bar is pre-Wisma Foodcourt Renovation era.

Last week, Beary Koh (in no way a shareholder of this sushi bar) went back again to check it out and told me about second generation shiok maki and so.. a revisit looks like a must!

Shiok Maki
The original shiok Maki. It's our favourite sushi for a period of time. What's there not to love about sushi rice rolled with soft juicy roasted marinated unagi, avocado, that's covered with fresh salmon sashimi, covered with their special sauce (taste like a mixture of mayo/mentaiko sauce), and laser flame grilled (is that a proper word? anyway) to melt and fuse the salmon/sushi together before topping up with ebi roe?

Shiok Maki Second Generation
There's now a second generation Shiok maki.(pic below, top row).
The difference between the original and the second generation Shiok Maki is that the original is rolled up in the center with unagi and avocado while the Second Generation one is rolled up with Fried Ebi Prawn and Japanese seaweed.

Crappy Maki 
For the fun of it, we also ordered the Crappy Maki (pic below, bottom row).
It's soft self crab based sushi.

Unagi Kabayaki 
The unagi is quite good. Not the typical sticky ones with thick skin that you get in other japanese sushi chain.

Chawan Mushi
This is also a must have here (or any Japanese restaurant that I go to).

The newly renovated place seems bigger and and with a more restaurant like layout despite it's location in the foodcourt. We went there on weekday lunch hour and we were seated quite promptly. If you are in the vicinity  I would greatly recommend trying the Shiok Maki for the yummy sushi combination and its Singlish name.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Instagram Pics Vol. 2

Recent instagrams

Salted Caramel 
One of my favorite hangouts. I love their waffles with maple syrup and Salted Caramel ice cream. The other scoop is the Milo flavor.

Shiok Maki
The original shiok Maki. Still my personal favourite.

Scotts Beef Noodles
Just as authentic offering at Ion's food court.

Yo! Looking just as good ya

Cheery Pastel colors for Spring.

Green Tea latte & Green Tea Latte with Matcha Ice cream

Seoul Yummy
Budae Jjigae (Army Stew)

and seeing these forwarded pics just bring a smile to my face.

Happy Week ahead~

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Boat House Restaurant

To celebrate my new camera, we went to Boat House Restaurant at 3 Fullerton Road for dinner =)

Description from Boat House website.

Dining Room

The intimate space housed within a 1919 heritage building features alacarte options and the chef signature tasting menu of elegant creative French cuisine.

The restaurant has a nice vintage feel with a lighting combination soft warm lights and candle lights which gives a warm cozy feel. The service crew were friendly and attentive.

Now to the food.

Our Appetizers

Provencal fish stew with shellfish, fresh fish of the day. 

I am quite a cautious fish stew eater but ordered this based on the recommendation of the service crew. The fish are done just right (not too stiff/ dry), with 3 types of fishes (sea bass being the nicest) in a smooth soup combination and it goes well with the mini bread toast. Definitely recommended.

Chou Fleur
Soup of cauliflower, forest mushroom, leek fricassée & truffle essence
The soup is smooth and creamy, less fancy compared to the Bouillabaisse.

The Mains

Rib eye, Dauphinoise potatoes, buttered vegetables & bone marrow in a bordelaise (red wine) sauce

The steak is done medium rare, which we were pre-informed by the service crew and I was initially worried that it may be too rare for me but again, the steak is just right. It's not very rare (or bloody) but tender and chewy and goes well with the Dauphinoise potatoes. Greatly recommended.

Bar D' Atlantique
Pan seared Atlantic sea bass, fricassée of seafood, cauliflower purée, essence of forest mushroom

The sea bass is smooth and tender, and very fresh. Great for fish lovers.


Chocolate mountain, blackcurrant rock & seasonal berries 

This dessert reminds me of cold stone creamery kind of mashed ice cream with condiments, but this is the variety of chocolate ice cream with natural fruits instead. The chocolate ice cream is creamy but not overly sweet - after it was nicely balanced with fresh blueberries and raspberries.

The night view from Prelude, the rooftop bar to end off our meal.

It's just nice that we caught the full moon that was rising from where we are standing.

Overall, we were quite impressed with the excellent food and service quality, vintage candle light ambience and it's good view of surrounding.

Reservation is recommended, especially if you are in big groups, visiting on weekends or if you want a good table with views.

We will definitely be back to check out more dishes.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Brunch @ PS Cafe Palais

Brunch is one of the best thing ever for late risers like me, to be able to enjoy breakfast at a luxury timing.

So over one of the past weekends we check out PS cafe at Palais Renaissance for brunch, and here's what we tried.

Brunch Burger
I ordered their brunch burger that consist of a generously sized serving of burger with sunny side up, bacon, onion rings and wagyu beef patty and served with fries. The fries are not in the picture as we changed them to salad, having ordered also the truffle fries from the ala-carte menu. The thick wagyu beef patty taste tender and juicy. Great for the burger / meat lovers.

Crab Tart 
Egg ordered the crab tart. Personally, I find that it's more for crab lovers or, if prefer something light. Haha.. I still prefer my crab to be chilli zhi-char style.

Truffle Fries
We are very surprised when we see the serving - the portions are huge! I can imagine that it's great as small bites for group gatherings or over beer. Personally, I find them a little dry and tough, and the truffle is too light for my liking.

My Latte 
Even brunch needs a coffee fix.

Chocolate doorstop cake
This is my favorite - Maltese topped chocolate crunch cake with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Overall, PS cafe has a great ambience that's perfect place for catching up with friends and family on a lazy weekend brunch or for high tea. Will definitely check out their other cakes next time.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Langkawi - Day 3 & 4 Island Hopping, Cable Car & Langkawi Sunset

On Day 3, we wake up early next day for our morning Island Hopping trip, which include hopping to the 2 island beside Langkawi island and also eagle watching.  

Self shot photos in a speed boat, uh? 

Eagle Watching And alas, my best attempt at capturing flying eagles. 

The Pregnant Maiden island 

Dayang Bunting Geoforest Park

This is the first island we hopped toThere's a 20 minute walk into the island where you find a man made lake. There's many monkeys in the island, and they are very used to tourist and will grab tidbits or any plastic bags you have on your hands from you if you even blink half an eye. So be very careful ya!

Beras Basar Island

This is the 2nd island we hopped to and my favorite due to the clear water, fine sand and blue sky. 

The amazingly clear water

Little fishes swimming near the beaches
It's such a pity that we didn't have our snorkeling gears - and it's not available for rent in the island. In fact, there's even no washroom in the island. 

Monkey foot prints 

Our island hopping tour ended by 12pm and we went for Seafood lunch near our resort before we go for the cable car ride. The meal is so-so and we very much prefer Orchid Ria. 

Chilli Crab 

Sambal Kang Kong 


Tom Yum Soup

Cable Car Ride

After our meal, we settle on a pedicure before we proceed to take the cable car. The cable car is really high @_@ in my opinion (that's also the remark of my colleague who went there after us). We are screaming and scaring ourselves on our way up in the gondola to the first station. 

View from the first station 

The observatory yard

Sky Bridge
The cable car ride to the second higher station leads to the Sky Bridge that is suspended by the wires among the mountains. The bridge shakes when wind blow and it's kinda VERY scary if you are acrophobia (like us!) and we couldn't stop wondering how did they manage to build the bridge. It's still very worth the visit. 

Their is also a skytrail for nature lovers and hikers but we didn't try it as it's late afternoon when we reach. 

Langkawi sunset view 

We managed to catch the langkawi sunset view on the cab on our way back to the dinner place. And I must say  the people in Langkawi are really friendly - the Malay cab driver slow down his cab when he realized that we are taking photos of the sunset - despite that we can hardly converse with each other as we do not know Malay language.

And here it goes, the windy, tree-y, sunset ride back to dinner place. 

Dinner at Little Mexican 

We went there on the recommendation of the taxi uncle we met on the first day (and we manage to chance into him while we are walking along the street again where he introduced a nice satay stall the night before) Needless say, the food are really good! 

I ordered a tacos which is super yums and with a generous serving of fries. 

Egg ordered a burrito & fries

We shared tacos and nachos. 

Picture collage by Egg

And we walked back to our resort and enjoy the streets and holiday vibes for the last night. 

Needless say, the last day, Day 4 past by in a jiffy. 

We wake up, check out, and walk around for breakfast (and deciding on English breakfast) and lunch (Orchid Ria - yea yea yea) before we head to Langkawi airport, where we root ourselves to Starbucks & our gadgets, before we had Marrybrown for dinner before our flight in the evening. 

It's a great holiday and we'll be back for sure!