Thursday, March 28, 2013

Langkawi - Day 2 Snorkeling by the Beach, Orchid Ria Seafood Restaurant

We wake up early to catch the sunrise and also get ready for our snorkeling by the beach day trip.

Sunrise from our resort

view from the beach early in the morning

We grab some bread from the breakfast table before we hop on to the bus which pick up passengers from resorts around Langkawi to the ferry terminal, from which we took a ferry and transfer to a smaller raft before we reach the beach.

the beach is quite crowded.

According to some of our fellow snorkelers, there's mini sharks but we didn't manage to see them. My mobile phone isn't water friendly so that's all the non-camwhore pics I have. We snorkel for a while, took the mediocre lunch box that comes with the tour package, later took a ferry back to the Langkawi ferry terminal for our bus pickup back to the resort. I must salute ourselves for the excellent teamwork which we did which was to grab Starbucks java chip frappes, cheesecakes and KFC as finger food in the 15 mins we have to the bus from the pier (it's a long walk) and spend the short journey back snacking.

Amazingly, or perhaps we are simply too hungry from our activities, we headed to Orchid Ria, which is a 10 min drive away for dinner. According a few taxi drivers which we spoke to, it is the most popular Chinese seafood restaurant in the area and queues are usually long. We waited for half an hour for a seat and we are not disappointed. The food are indeed very good.

Chilli Lobster
The lobster is fresh and really sweet.

Butter Prawns
It's a little bit dry (since it's deep fried) but the butter fragrance is really nice!

Sambal Kang Kong 
it's fried with shrimps and just as fragrant.

This is the salted mixed vegetable soup (if i recall correctly) and we are not really expecting it to taste good but it sure taste great!

We are really full from our meal and walk back to the resort. It took us 2 hours to walk back to the resort due to the amount of shop houses that we went into, other than the distance. On our way back, we stop by for massage at one of the spa.

What's next? 

Day 3: Island Hopping in the morning, cable car in the evening & the langkawi sunset
Day 4: Home sweet home. 

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

De Burg Burger

It started one Friday where a group of us are discussing where to lunch, where LG said that De Burg at Bukit Merah is the best burger he has ever tried in Singapore.

And so we went :)

We ordered the signature De Burg burger since it's our first time there and LG's favorite.

Burgers are not fast food

Closed on Mondays and the last Tuesday of the month.

Signature De Burg Burger 
My signature de burg burger with salad and tater tots (mini hash browns)

Signature De Burg Burger
Moist tender beef patty with a portobello mushroom as big as the juicy patty itself. Yums.

It's definitely a gourmet burger, even with a coffee shop setting. It cost slightly less than $20 for the burger with 2 sides.

Definitely worth a revisit!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Tom Yum Kungfu - Traditional Thai BBQ Steamboat

Recently, I am quite very addicted to Thai BBQ steamboat at Tom Yum Kungfu along Boat Quay.

I used to dislike steamboat because I hate the smell of food on my hair and cooking my own meal when I am eating out (and I still do) so the food must be very nice for me to be able make the sacrifice. ha!

In this case - I give in to the nice food.

Interiors of the eatery 

Check out the retro movie posters in Thai and the chandeliers make up of Thai Tea Leaf cans. Thai retro/pop music gives it a authentic Thai street cafe feel.

Thai Charcoal Steamboat 

Back to the food - we order the steamboat set with seafood which comes with marinated meats (chicken, and three layered pork) pork lard (for greasing), fishcake, scallops and tiger prawns. Top up options are available for vegetables, meat, and instant noodles.


I love the Thai instant noodles - totally regretted not getting more back from my last Bangkok trip.

Sizzling in no time. The juices from the meat flow down the dome shaped grill into the soup.

And their winning condiment - their chilli sauce!

Tom Yum Kungfu sells both soft drinks and other Thai local drinks like Thai Iced Tea (milk or non-milk), lemongrass drink. Personally, I like their Thai teas.

Price is around S$50 for 2 person for the steamboat, including drinks and they do sell non-steam boat a la carte Thai dishes. The place is popular with tourists as well as nearby working crowd and therefore it's better to make a reservation prior, if especially if you are coming in for dinner or if you have a big group. For dinner time, it is common to wait up to 30-45 minutes for a table once the place is full.

Do note that Tom Yum Kungfu accepts only cash payment - no cards or nets etc.

And nothing beats a nice stroll along Boat Quay after a satisfying dinner

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Langkawi - Sunset Beach Resort & Day 1 & What to do

It starts with a whatsapp one fine day..

Egg: Gal, do you want to go to Langkawi?
Me: Ok, but what is nice there?
Egg: I dunno
Me: Me too, but let's go there to nua!

To be honest, I know little about Langkawi (and activities available there) before my trip but fell in love with the island, the people and the food after my 4D3N trip. If you are thinking of a quick and affordable beach getaway from Singapore with nice seafood and friendly locals - this the place to go. Langkawi is only an hour away from Singapore via flight (Silk Air, Air Asia). 

Our flight is right early in the morning and we reach Sunset Beach Resort before noon.  We didn't do much  research on the resort, and thank goodness we get an extremely incredibly nice resort. The resort is a 20 mins ride from the Langkawi airport and located at the end of Pantai Tengah, which is easy walking distance to all the restaurants, shops, duty free stores and underwater world. 

Sunset Beach Resort
The resort consists of individual 'bungalow type' units scattered and surrounded by green path ways which eventually links to a quiet beach with sun chairs. We stayed at Sunset I, which is the biggest unit second closest to the beach. There's a koi pond and a waiting area where it's the only area in the resort that has wifi. 

Outside our resort 
There's tables, chairs, mirrors, laundry line, and even tabs to wash ourselves after hanging around the beach

Spot the tap? 

Our room
The curtains beside our bed covers the glass to the outdoor shower and bath room. Beach towels are provided which I am so glad because I didn't pack any. There is a small 32" TV which doesn't have much channels but it didn't bother us - we are here for the sun, and there's always our mobile phone / tablets for music/videos. There's of course the usual amenities - a mini fridge, bottled water, kettle, aircon etc. 

Because the resort is low lying, there's some stray mosquitoes that gets into the room which you can minimize by closing the doors at all time (including the one to the outdoor shower). We solve the issue completely by buying a electronic mosquito repellent plug (filled with some miracle liquid) that's scentless (i'm very sensitive to weird smells and fumes) from nearby stores. Mosquito disappear like magic within minutes. We didn't took them back to Singapore, and we don't even see similar ones locally. Prehaps on hindsight, we should brought some back for our future beach vacation. 

We put down our luggage and walk around the street to look for lunch. Many of the restaurants seems too quiet and we finally decided on Hong Kong eatery (more like kopitiam) for set lunches - which consist of a main course of your choice, soup, vegetables and drink. Food = average. 

Black Sauce Noddles with Black Pepper Beef

Noodle soup with Chicken cutlet

After which we spend the whole afternoon lazing in the beach in the resort itself. The beach was hardly crowded, with <10 person who are either suntanning, having a massage, reading a book or swimming. 'Oasis by the beach' bar is just beside our beach, and there's also a outdoor massage service. 

And we just laze around until it's time for dinner when we headed to Kuah Town. They have a vibrant food street which we really enjoy all the street snacks, though we didn't take any pictures (too occupied eating and looking around). I love their satays - it's Malaysian style, coated with peanut sauce and roasted. We also check out 3 shopping centers in Kuah town (under 2 hours, record shopping time for 3 shopping centers 5-10 mins rides apart from each other) which I would say - just skip it unless you want some fast food, or your starbucks fix. The streets along Pantai Tengah, where our resort is houses more restaurants and shops.  

And one last thing I love about resort are that the lady receptionists are so helpful and friendly and so is the taxi driver who picks us up from the airport (although our pickup was arranged by the resort). The nice ladies also help us to sign up for day tour packages with reasonable price points which we discover later are more competitively priced than other travel vendors along the street. 

What's next? 

Day 2: Snorkeling by the beach
Day 3: Island Hopping in the morning, cable car in the evening
Day 4: Home sweet home. 

Suddenly our holiday seems too short for us to nua. Yet we don't want to miss those activities. 

The next time I visit Langkawi again, I'll definitely 

  • plan in more days to laze at the beaches (i didn't get to check out Tanjong Rhu beach which i heard it's even nicer)
  • spend a day or two at Koh Lipe, a nearby Thailand island where the locals are all praises for it!
  • went snorkelling on reef platform 
  • went for sunset cruise dinner with salt water jacuzzi   

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Au Chocolat Bistro Marina Bay Sands

My first food blog entry - and the most recent photos I have. I have to admit, it's not easy sorting through my travel photos which is my original intention for first post.

The new food place that we tried last Saturday was Au Chocolat Bistro at Marina Bay Sands level 1.

Au Chocolat  is a made-in-Singapore French-inspired concept store with a bistro dining area and a retail confiserie with a wide selection of chocolate and candy. Inspired by French antiquated streets that instils a sense of nostalgia with its calm and sophisticated ambience; Au Chocolat will house its own private label and selected branded products.

One of the entrance to Au Chocolat confectionery which sells gelato ice creams, chocolates and souvenirs. Their bistro is located further away, after passing by the cake selections.

We were seated near a TV mocked up fire place. According to my friend, the trains on top of the fireplace are originally attached to the railing on the ceiling and will move around the shop. We didn't get to see it though.

The paintings on the ceiling of Au Chocolat restaurant reminds me of Charlie the Chocolate factory.

And now - the food pics

We ordered the brunch 3 course set ($50+++) to share and other side dishes.

Smoked Salmon Salad
Their salad was good with lettuce, salmon, shaved cheese, egg benedict, tomato cubes, cherry tomatoes and bacon bits. Especially love the chunky salmon and the light dressing for the lettuce.

Truffle Fries
Their truffle fries which is the best that I've currently tried in Singapore. It was served with 2 sauce dips (mayonnaise and BBQ sauce) but personally i like the truffle taste on its own while my friend loves the BBQ sauce which is fragrant but not overly sweet and spicy. Although this is not part of the brunch course - it's definitely a must try!

Breakfast King
Yes, this is definitely king size as both of us cannot finish despite sharing this. Being a truffle fan, I love the truffle scramble egg. Be warned, it's really king size and for the very hungry.

Frozen hot chocolate drink
Frozen yet hot chocolate drink? This is one of their signatures as well (according to the menu). It's a nice chocolate taste that's not too sweet but too bad the experience is spoil by their coarse blended ice.

Au Chocolat Tower Cake
This is part available selection for dessrts for the 3 course brunch which we ordered. There's a selection from a few desserts and this is one of the choice. The cake is really tall and served with ice cream, chocolate sauce and some sprinkle of nuts blueberry and strawberry slices. Taste wise, I feel that the cake can be softer.

We spend close to 3 hours for our meal and were too full to try other cakes - which look mouth watering good.

Overall, it's a nice place to hang around in MBS for tea, bites, and meal. There's certainly enough variety for revisits going by their menu.

First Post

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